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A Warrior Priest of Sigmar fights evil in all its forms, engaging in close combat with holy purpose. As a Warrior Priest, Saltzpyre draws upon faith to empower his blows and shield himself from harm. Wielding trusty hammers or combining them with a tome or shield, he calls upon divine might to inspire comrades and strike fear into his foes.

- Vermintide 2 Official Website

Warrior Priest of Sigmar
Portrait WarriorPriestOfSigmar.png
Righteous Fury
Shield of Faith
70 seconds
Hit Points

Warrior Priest of Sigmar is one of 4 Careers available to Victor Saltzpyre. It is purchased as a Premium Career, separate from Witch Hunter Captain, Bounty Hunter, and Zealot.

Skills and Traits[]

Ability Description
CareerSkill WarriorPriestOfSigmar.png

Shield of Faith

Career Skill
  • Saltzpyre imbues himself or an ally with a shield, rendering them immune to damage for 5 seconds. Upon expiring, the shield explodes, inflicting damage on nearby enemies. Hold to target allies.
Passive WarriorPriestOfSigmar.png

Righteous Fury

Passive Ability
  • Saltzpyre gains Fury when enemies die nearby. On reaching 100% Fury, he biefly enters Righteous Fury and his attacks Smite the enemy for 20% of weapon damage. Saltzpyre loses Fury while out of combat.
Enemy of Chaos Passive Ability
  • 30% bonus to Power vs Chaos Warriors and Beastmen Standard Bearers.
Incorruptible Passive Ability
  • 100% Curse Resistance
Implacable Passive Ability
  • Damage dealt to Saltzpyre is reduced by 20%. A further 20% of incoming damage is dealt to Saltzpyre over 3 seconds. Saltzpyre cannot be killed by damage dealt by Implacable.


Melee Weapons
Saltzpyre Flail Shield.png
Flail and Shield
Saltzpyre Holy Great Hammer.png
Holy Great Hammer
Saltzpyre Paired Skull Splitters.png
Paired Skull-Splitters
Saltzpyre Skull Splitter Blessed Tome.png
Skull-Splitter and Blessed Tome
Saltzpyre Skull Splitter Shield.png
Skull-Splitter and Shield
Saltzpyre Skull Splitter Hammer.png
Skull-Splitter Hammer

General Weapon Overview[]

  • The Warrior Priest is completely restricted to melee which leaves them especially weak to ranged Specials like Warpfire Throwers, Ratling Gunners, and Lifeleeches.
  • The Flail and Shield are a reliable anti-horde weapon, as Its charged attack not only has a wide spread and cleave but also comes with the Ignore Shields attribute, meaning that attacks against enemies like shielded stormvermin will not stop your attacks mid-swing.
  • Skull-Splitter and Blessed Tome's second charged attack has an unlimited cleave AOE if the book is fully charged before swinging.


While the 5th, 10th, and 15th levels are relatively basic skills that buff the individual, the 20th, 25th, and 30th level skills have much more team orientated talents. The level 20 skill From Fury, Fortitude grants your team a source of healing while Smite is active, while at the 25th level all three options are flat group-wide buffs. Finally at level 30 the Warrior Priest's Career Skill is amplified, greatly increasing its utility and and maximizing the Priest's support potential.

Level 5
Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 05 01.png

Eternal Vigilance

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 05 02.png

Slayer of the Wicked

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 05 03.png

Blessed Hands

Staggering enemies with a melee attack grants temporary health. Health gained basied on stagger strength. Damaging multiple enemies in one swing with a melee weapon grants temporary health. Max 5 enemies. Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health. Clears any Wounds.
Level 10
Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 10 01.png

Unstoppable Force

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 10 02.png

Rising Judgement

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 10 03.png

Sigmar's Executioner

Striking 3 enemies in a single attack halves the cost of pushing for 4 seconds. Hits increase the Power of the next charged attack by 8%. Max stacks 5. Killing an Elite enemy grants 5% critical Strike chance for 12 seconds. Max stacks 3.
Level 15
Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 15 01.png


Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 15 02.png


Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 15 03.png

Enhanced Power

The first enemy hit always counts as staggered.

Deal 20% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 40% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.

Deal 40% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 60% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect. Increases total Power Level by 7.5%. This is calculated before other buffs are applied.
Level 20
Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 20 01.png

Divine Excoriation

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 20 02.png

Empowered Smite

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 20 03.png

From Fury, Fortitude

Pushing during Righteous Fury sends out a holy shockwave around Victor staggering nearby enemies. Smite now triggers after 1 second, gains increased Stagger strength and deals 40% of the attacks damage. Each kill during Righteous Fury restores health to the party based on the Health of the slain enemy.
Level 25
Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 25 01.png

Prayer of Vengeance

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 25 02.png

Prayer of Might

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 25 03.png

Prayer of Hardiness

Blesses the party with 35% increased Critical Strike Damage. Blesses the party with 25% inscreased Stagger Power. Blesses the party with 15% increased Max Health.
Level 30
Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 30 01.png

Unyielding Blessing

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 30 02.png

United in Prayer

Talent WarriorPriestOfSigmar 30 03.png

The Comet's Gift

Shield of Faith now lasts for 8 seconds and allows the target to trample through lesser enemies and effects. Shield of Faith always affects Saltzpyre as well. Shield of Faith now revives and heals an amount equal to all Damage suffered the last 3 seconds.


  • The Skull-Splitter and Blessed Tome can be charged without needing to endure the slowness penalty of charging your weapon by using the special attack button, which only charges the book while not preparing a swing with the hammer. This method can be used move faster than base speed by charging the book, doing a charged attack, and repeating.


Since the Warrior Priest has 100% curse resistance as a passive ability, having a trinket with curse resistance will bring your total curse resistance to above 100%. This means that being affected by a curse, such as through a grimoire, will actually increase your maximum health. This is likely an unintentional bug and may be patched out in the future.

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