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Warpfire Thrower
Skaven Special Warpfire Thrower.jpg
Skaven.jpg Skaven
Armour Class
Weak Spots
Head, Warpstone chunk
Unique Traits
Shoots a cone of flame.
Hit Points
Cata 2
Cata 3

The Warpfire Thrower is a type of Skaven Special.

Also known as a "Fire Rat", the Warpfire Thrower is Armoured and carries a large flamethrower, which it powers with a Warpstone-based fuel tank on its back. It shoots green flames, which can leave a blazing trail on the ground for multiple seconds.


The Warpfire Thrower is whispered of in many quarters – chiefly for the horrors it has wrought in the cramped confines of dwarfen holds. Though little more than a vat of unstable warp-fuel and an ignition source, it is a weapon to be feared, as many charred skeletons would perhaps attest, could they speak of it. With the smouldering projector aimed, the simple flip of a switch births roiling clouds of warpfire that scours all from the gunner’s path.

Though the Warpfire Thrower is frequently seen wielded by weapon teams of two skaven, particularly deranged gunners have been known to take the field without the aid of a fuel-bearer. Eager to earn favour with their masters, such ratmen readily trade the additional burden for the chance to deny another skaven a share of the glory.


  • Warpfire Throwers are quite noisy, and make their presence known with maniacal laughter and taunts of "Scream-suffer surface dwellers!" among other taunts.
  • The parties ranged specialist should prepare to eliminate the Warpfire thrower when it is heard, as the Warpfire Thrower can only fire at close range and will knock back any melee users.
  • The fire also hurts his fellow allies, meaning Warpfire Throwers can be used to wipe out complete Hordes if the parties lures a horde between the party and a Warpfire Thrower.
  • Attacking the exposed Warpstone chunk, or the tank below, carried on the Warpfire Thrower's back will kill it instantly. Doing this will make the tank explode in a burst of flames that leaves a patch of Warpstone fire behind. The explosion can take out enemies within the blast range and Stagger any survivors, but should only be attempted from a safe distance as it also hurts the players.
  • A firing Warpfire Thrower will only turn at half its normal speed. If you are close enough, this allows you to strafe around him and outflank him, even when he is targeting you.
  • Warpfire Throwers have a higher stagger resistance than a Ratling Gunner, meaning stopping it from firing is more difficult.
  • The Grail Knight is the only one capable of resisting the warpfire flames, by raising his Shield.
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