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Career Skill[]

(note: there is currently a bug that prevents the correct audio file from playing for Career Skills. Only the host's equipped/unlocked heroes voicelines will play when in groups.)

Career Skill Quote Audio
Animosity By Sigmar, the hammer, and the Empire!
Stand back, in the name of Sigmar!
Begone, foul heretics! Sigmar wills it!
The power of Sigmar compels thee!
The crime is your foul existence, the sentence is death!
By Sigmar and the Hammer, I judge you all!
Tremble in fear before a son of Sigmar and the Empire!
Fall back! I smite your heathen souls!
I shall purge thee all, in Sigmar's name!
You cannot escape judgement, wretches!
Sigmar's fury flows through those who serve!
Back! Await your turn at judgement, heretical ones!
Locked and Loaded Holy justice!
Twice the glory!
Double the discipline!
Roar, mighty duo
War funding!
Dead, not alive.
Receive the judgement of Sigmar!
Oh, blessed shot!
Justice finds thee!
Fall, foul abomination!
With this shot, I abjure thee!
Sigmar! Bless this shot!
Holy Fervor Sigmar's light!
Holy Sigmar!
By the light!
Holy Lustration!
Sacred Wrath!
Taste Sigmar's wrath!
I shall cleanse thee all!
Repent! Repent! REPENT!
I am the comet! I burn the impure!


Trigger Quote Audio
Ambient during level Skaven and northlanders. As foul an alliance as any.
Sigmar curse you - keep up!
Hatred feeds my purpose, it shall fuel you, also.
We've done bloody work this day, but more awaits - depend on it!
Lack of enemies You cannot hide from a hunter! I smell your heresy on the wind!
Hah! They think hiding will save them!
Fighting multiple enemies We shall not be overcome! Break them!
Do. Not. Yield!
Enemy Ambush Their trickery is no match for us.
Fighting Come, scum! I will see you all dead!
That's all?
Keep back!
Judgment finds you!
He'll not rise.
Stay sharp!
Kill the madman!
See him fall!
Being hit You think pain will stop me?
Aggh. The righteous feel no pain.
Ourrgh. You dare!
Euggh. I walk with Sigmar!
I spend my blood willingly.
Ough. Hah!
Low HP Righteousness, do not fail me now...
Not now, not yet.
Sigmar... I have failed you...
Down I extend my hand in aid. For now...
Get me back up!
I need assistance!
Running out of ammunition I need more ammunition!
My ammunition is spent!
I'm out!
Waiting to be freed Aggh. The righteous feel no pain.
Being alone Am I alone? It would seem so.
We should fight together, not alone.
Where the blazes are you all?


Trigger Quote Audio
Tagging Ammunition Ammunition!
Ammunition stash!
Shotte, quarrels, arrows - a fine supply!
Praise the Comet - ammunition!
Fill your pouches and quivers, while you can.
Arm yourselves. We must not lack for ammunition.
Excellent. More ammunition.
Thank Sigmar! I have found ammunition!
Ammunition, for those who need such.
Ammunition. And not before time.
At last! Ammunition!
Ammunitions, should anyone care.
Tagging Potions A potion stash!
More potions over here.
Tis a potion!
See? A potion!
Potion, there!
Glory be! A potion!
Is that a potion?
A most necessary potion.
That draught might come in handy.
I spy a potion.
Take that potion. It might be useful!
An apothecary's wares, ours for the taking.
I spy another potion.
Aha! A potion!
That potion shall serve.
Tagging Medical Supplies Healing draught!
Healing draught here!
Healing draught, over here!
Healer's elixir!
A healing draught! Do not squander!
Here. A healing draught.
As I thought. A healing draught.
A healing draught, right here.
Praise Sigmar, healing draught.
Sigmar has guided us to healer's tools.
Bindings and tinctures!
Tagging Bombs A bomb. Put it to good use!
A bomb, and most welcome it is.
See? A bomb. Sigmar favours us.
Bombs here!
See? A bomb. Sigmar favours us.


Mission Trigger Quote Audio
Righteous Stand It falls to us to provide a distraction. Very well!
Near the Woodworker's Guild There can be no doubt that the pact-sworn now command Helmgart.
By Sigmar! Helmgart cries out for vengeance.
Just before the Franz Erikson Platz No lollygagging! This is the street!
At the Bowman Garrison Door The gate is not sealed. That, at least, works in our favour.
In the Bowman Garrison lift That lifting platform will carry us to the walls.
Reaching the Gatehouse Ward The way is blocked. Ingenuity will serve us here.
Nearing the cannon That cannon shall serve. Assuming we can bring it to bear on the gate!
Does that crane still turn? If so, point that cannon at the gate!
Cannon ready to fire Light the cannon! We shall hope for the best.
Cannon fired The shot hath gone wide, but the way is open.
In the Temple to Sigmar It pleases me that we make our stand on holy ground.
This fight will test us. We should meet it prepared.
Bell rung Let us buy Lohner his distraction!
Final door opened Who opened that door?
Going to the Bridge of Shadows Lohner's distraction is done. We should depart.
Convocation of Decay Blood trail at the start This trail of corruption will lead us to our foes.
Finding the opened cells The heretic cells are breached!
Arriving in the Old City Cesspit Suppuration and decay. Proof, if any be needed, of Nurgle's presence.
Entering the Ritual Circle Our presence within the circle disrupts the ritual!
Ending the Ritual A glorious day for the righteous! The ritual is ended! Let us depart.
Hunger in the Dark Dinner Bell rung Troll alert. You must hear it too.
Halescourge In von Mackensen Strasse Keep your eyes open. We need to find the guildsmen's lift.
Athel Yenlui Start of the stage Elven ruins. *Snorts* Nothing but trouble to the righteous.
The Screaming Bell Start of the stage The bell is yet some distance away. Gird yourselves for a lenghty battle.
There! I see the bell! The walk will fuel our ardour.
In von Bisschenbesser Strasse It seems we are on the correct course. There it is!
Reaching the Screaming Bell There. Time for the final touch. Let the toppling of this vile symbol commence!
Screaming Bell summoning a horde Beware! The vermin are driven to frenzy by the bell!
By the Arch-Lector's flail! The bell is alive!
Bell falling Now that's a fitting end for it, don't you think?
Just after the Bell fell By Sigmar, they'll have no vengeance for their foul bell! On you slay!
Fort Brachsenbrücke
Into the Nest Barricades at the start Sweep the barrier aside, and we shall proceed.
Light lever at the start If this lighting mechanism still functions, perhaps others do?
Against the Grain Approaching the locked barn Our route lies through the barn.
Empire in Flames Caravan near the start A day late and a silver short, this caravan. Easy prey for vile chaos-spawn.
Near the Bloody Ratcatcher Tavern Sigmar will guide us to the manor, if we are worthy.
Going through the wine cellar Into the cellar, I think there's a route through.
In the market I smell treachery amidst the smoke. This town was sold from within.
Festering Ground Start of the stage Do not let your eye linger upon their blasphemous scrawlings, lest you wish me to cut it out!
The War Camp Ambient during level What drives the Rotbloods to seek life in the swamp, I wonder?
Froschdorf Trail We'll have little warning of foes in these confines.
Stay alert! 'Tis hard to see their approach.
Old Andreas' Den No righteous soul would choose to live so far from the temples of civilisation.
Froschdorf Trail, at the splitting paths Which path to choose? I favour the lowlands over the ravine.
Do we continue through the ravine, or seek another path?
In the Zuhause Gully We have reached the war camp's outer edge, but our crusade has barely begun.
High cliff in the Gully There lies the camp. Not long now.
Reaching the Blót Tree Blood and souls fed to some black magic.
Nearing the ram That may yet serve us as a ram. Bring it.
Ram near the gates See the daubings? The palisade is protected by crude spells. But they cannot stay Sigmar's wrath!
Mortared with the blood of their victims! The northlanders shall pay!
Ram at the door The ram is in place! Strike for Sigmar, and for vengeance!
Maggotheim Stockade By the Order! Seek the champion!
Inner Abode By the Hammer! We'll send the champion's black soul to hellfire yet!
In the tunnel to the Arena What is this place...? An arena perhaps?
Bödvarr fight start Sigmar provides! This is perfect. The fiend plays right into our hands.
Bödvarr charging Do keep charging, and waste your energy, you ill-considered brute.
Another rush comes to nothing. Hah! Idiot.
Well, there's definitely an urgency to this brute.
Bödvarr throwing axe Mind the massive witch-axe!
Reacting to Bödvarr taunting I'm pleased that you have felt the unrestrained impact of our holy endeavours. It will please me even more when you die, bog-wallower.
You heard that? Our glorious resume recited by this soon to be dead arch-heathen. Yes, we did our duty, but we're not finished yet!
Leaving the Pit of Trials Which way to the Bridge? We must escape their pursuit.
Bödvarr summoning troops Lacking faith, heretic? Need more of your insipid curs to deal with a holy warrior?
The Skittergate Reaching first lift The lifting platform will spare us a perilous descent.
Riding first lift The town swallowed by ratman artifice. The vermin will not succeed.
The Blightreaper Reaching Rosen Allee This is no night for laughter, but steel.
Reaching Dreiecke Platz Unnecessary celebration not only tarnishes the spirit, it deadens the senses - why else would they not know they were invaded?
Finding the priest You deserved better, Johann. But your town will be purged, I swear it.
In the sanctum Look for a release lever. The Sanctum Maleficarum is here, somwhere.
Picking up the Blightreaper It is past time we departed. Lohner can deal with the Blightreaper.
A Quiet Drink First tavern fall I suppose the ale might have survived...
Any mission Finding elevator We should make use of this lifting platform.
Finding the right way This is the correct path.
Hasten to me!
This way!
Finding the right door Through the door!
Finding the stairs Here, the stairs.
Here, down the stairs!
Up the stairs!
Going up It's up here!
Come on, up here!
Up here! No dawdling!
Going down Stop meandering and get down here!
Going to the Bridge of Shadows See? Olesya sends the Bridge. She sees far, that crone.

A Quiet Drink Event[]

Quote Audio
Imitates a steam tank's whistle
I cannot see! No... wait. I think I had the eye-patch over the wrong eye.
Oh look. The tavern's on fire. < <Urgently> > The tavern's on fire! Fire! FIRE!


Enemy Eliminated Quote Audio
Plague Monk
Sack-rat Sack-rat is no more.
Chaos Warrior The Chaos Warrior falls!
Another Chaos Warrior has been purged!
Armour is no defence against the righteous.
The rot-helm dies!
Where is your vile patron now, Chaos Warrior?
Morr's scythe has claimed the Chaos Warrior!
Ratling Gunner The gunner is dead.
The gunner is slain.
The gunner's dead.
Gutter Runner Not so lively now? Assassin?
Assassins no more.
The backstabber is slain.
Sneak rat is dead!
That assassin will trouble us no longer.
Poison Wind Globadier Globadier's down.
Gas-rat's dead.
We got that poison rat!
Poison rat's dead!
Warpfire Thrower Foul machinery is no match for imperial steel.
Feeble fire-rat. My righteousness burns the brighter.
The rat perishes, and the mechanism ceases.
Another dead weapon-rat!
The Warpfire Thrower is no longer a threat.
Hah! The fire-rat dies!
The Warpfire Thrower's dead!
Another ratman contraption falls silent.
Packmaster Hah! Strangler strangles no more!
Die, packmaster! You will trouble us no more.
The Packmaster is slain.
That packmaster won't trouble us no more.
Lifeleecher Leech down! Praise Sigmar.
Leech squashed!
Leech-witch disposed of!
Lifeleech is dead!
Blightstormer Dead! Let your foul winds speed your soul to damnation!
The sorcerer will summon no more winds.
That Blightstormer will trouble us no more.
Blightstormer's dealt with. Praise Sigmar.
Foul Blightstormer dead and gone!
Rat Ogre
Spawn of Chaos
Bile Troll Sigmar be praised! The troll is no more.
Ally (generic) eliminates enemy So perish all heretics, mighty and frail alike!


Character Interactions[]

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(Convocation of Decay)
Hero Quote Audio
Sienna Fuegonasus This makes twisted sense. Nurgle and Shallya are natural enemies.
Markus Kruber One the bringer of plagues, and one the curer of them.
Victor Saltzpyre Like Sigmar, Shallya cleanses corruption, though her methods are...
Sienna Fuegonasus Kinder? Compassionate? Empathetic?
Victor Saltzpyre I was going to say 'less effective'. Look around you. We are surrounded by proof.
Trigger Quote Audio
Ally mass killing What glorious intervention!
Praising His life dims, and your shot claims its victim.
You serve righteousness!
Another slain. The tally grows.
Hold on to your hate. It will give you strength.
A glorious shot, well-earned.
... A good shot. I can't deny it...
Praising Kruber Sigmar give you strength, Kruber.
Sigmar guides you, Kruber!
Well fought, Sergeant!
Praising Bardin I see Grimnir's fury in your strikes, dwarf!
The dwarf shames us with his zeal!
Yes, Goreksson! Let the blood flow!
Praising Kerillian Every dead foe strengthens my faith in you, Elf.
You do holy work, elf. Do not relent! On you slay!
Praising Sienna Even a witch has her uses.
Acceptable, for a wizard.
Being healed by Sienna I do not need your aid!
Ally missing bomb throw How it is you see worse with two eyes, than I with one.
Ally missing bomb throw (Kerillian) Where's the skill you keep boasting of, elf?
Ally being hit (Bardin) Parry them, dwarf!
Ally being hit (Sienna) Can you not parry, wizard?
You need to parry, wizard!
Ally with low HP (Markus) You're wounded, Kruber!
Ally with low HP (Bardin) You must not die, dwarf! Our work continues!
Ally with low HP (Kerillian) You seem sluggish, elf. Can you still fight?
Ally down (Kruber) Come on! Kruber's down!
Ally down (Bardin) Goreksson? Endure!
Ally down (Kerillian) How is the elf to help me if she cannot help herself?
Reviving ally Surely your honour will not allow you to yield.
Reviving Kruber Sleeping on duty?
I still need your strong right arm, Kruber.
Do your duty, Kruber! Rise!
Take strength from righteous purpose, Kruber!
Your emperor needs you, Kruber!
Reviving Bardin You must not die, dwarf! Our work continues!
Does a dwarf abandon his cause at a mere scratch?
Reviving Kerillian
Reviving Sienna Your fate is mine, wizard. Not theirs.
I do this as I need you. Heal, and unleash your fury, wizard!
Friendly fire received (Kruber) Stop it, Kruber! Gah!
You hit me, Kruber! Again!
Kruber! Check your aim!
Kruber! Check your shots!
Friendly fire received (Bardin) Look where you're shooting, fool!
Goreksson! Is this how you honour the ancient treaties between our species?
Goreksson! Desist!
Don't do that again, Ranger!
Whose side are you on, Dwarf?
In Sigmar's name, watch your fire!
SHORT sighted as well?
Fool of a dwarf, you just hit me!
Dwarf! Check your aim... and your eyes, when you can.
Friendly fire received (Kerillian) Watch your aim, elf!
Hard to fathom, but I am on your side, elf!
Elf! Mind where you shoot! And mind your tongue too!
Treachery! The elf targets me!
The devious elven mind is impossible to decipher! She decides to shoot me NOW?
Friendly fire received (Sienna) Not now, witch!
Witch! Your aim is as crooked as your morals.
I am not your foe, witch. Not yet.
Are you showing your true self, witch? No more flames my way!
Being healed by Kruber Next time, Kruber. I'll save you.
Faithful, Kruber. Ever on my side.
Being healed by Bardin
Being healed by Kerillian
Being healed by Sienna
Being revived by Kruber Always reliable, Kruber.
Ally dying (Bardin) Goreksson shall be avenged.
Ally hitting armor (Sienna) The head's the weak-spot, witch.
Ally jumps repeatedly Must you keep jumping? Have some decorum!

Enemy Interactions[]

Enemy Trigger Quote Audio
Horde Spawning Meet them with steel and righteous strike!
Come! Despoilers! I shall end thee!
This is our moment! MAKE THEM PAY!
Now! Do Sigmar's work and slay them all!
Sigmar preserve us! They're come in number!
Here they come! Stand firm and strike hard!
Strike for Sigmar, and Karl-Franz!
The tide will not sweep us away!
See how they come to the slaughter!
Come, wretches. I have scores to settle.
By the hammer! Surprise attack!
A trap!
I'll slay every last one!
Incoming pack!
Sigmar stand with us! A swarm!
Here they come! Pitiful wretches!
Kill them! Kill them all!
They're upon us! Strike for Sigmar!
Clanrat Come out. Come out. Wherever you are.
Plague Monk In vicinity Listen! Plague fanatics!
Bringers of plague! Take their pestilent heads!
By the order! Plague monks!
Watch out, Plague Monks!
Plague Monks!
Stand ready! Plague Monks!
Bloody nutter Plague Monks!
Eyes open for Plague Monks!
Prophets of decay comes for us!
Savage In vicinity Beware, frother!
There's a frother in their ranks!
Kill that frother!
Stormvermin Tagging Morr's scythe! Stormvermin!
Weapons up, it's the tougher vermin!
Watch out! Stormvermin!
Judgement is coming, Stormvermin!
Sigmar! I see a Stormvermin.
Not these black-furred bastards again!
Ware the blackrats!
More blackrats!
There! Stormvermin!
A stormvermin! Engage with care.
There, Stormvermin!
Skaven patrol In vicinity I'd like nothing better than to wade into that pack of black-furred scum, but we have other matters to deal with.
Chaos Warrior In vicinity Look out! Chaos warrior!
By the hammer! A Chaos Warrior!
Chaos Warrior! To my side!
A rot-helm! Sigmar grant me strength!
Sigmar stands with us! The chaos warrior shall fall!
Clear a path to the chaos warrior!
Armoured heretic!
A rot-helm approaches! The first blow is mine!
A chaos warrior leads them!
A chaos warrior! Its armour shall not hold!
A chaos warrior!
Armoured heretic! Fight the righteous fight!
Hold your ground! A chaos warrior comes!
Beware! Rot-helm!
Watch out! Chaos warrior!
Ratling Gunner In vicinity A gun-rat comes for us!
The tell-tale sound of a Ratling...
Vermin Gunner. It is close.
Watch out, Ratling Gunner!
Look out, Ratling Gun!
Ratling Gun!
Take out the ratling gunner!
Tagging when firing Flank the blasphemous thing!
Firing Get out of its sight!
Gutter Runner In vicinity They're cowards. They'll hide until it's time to strike.
Don't relax. That's when they'll pounce.
There! In that shadow!
Gutter runner!
Beware, gutter runner!
There's a backstabber scampering nearby.
Hark! Assassins!
Assassin nearby!
Eshin scum!
That's a Gutter Runner.
Listen. Assassin!
There! Assassin-rat!
Being pinned Kill it, kill it, kill it, now!
Foul, foul vermin, get off so I can kill you dead! Ahh!
Poison Wind Globadier In vicinity The gurgle of a globadier...
A Globadier is near.
Hah! Gas rat. And it draws nigh.
A globadier is near.
Nefarious gas-rat!
Gas-rat! Watch out for the throw!
Beware the poison globadier.
Gas-rat! Beware its poison!
Globadier! Beware!
Hold your breath! A globadier.
Gas-rat! Watch those globes!
Be careful! Gas-rat!
A masked one, beware of poison!
Look out, Globadier!
Throwing gas Ware! Poison!
Vile things, look out!
Stand back! Incoming!
Get back! Incoming!
Sigmar's lungs! Hold your breath!
About to commit suicide The globe-rat's charging! Get out of its path!
Warpfire Thrower In vicinity Slay the fire rat. QUICKLY!
I smell charred fur... a firerat is near.
The rasp of bellows... is that a fire-rat?
Listen! Warpfire Thrower!
Move or burn!
Fire-rat! Fire-rat!
What foul artifice is this? Green fire!?
Flamespouter! Kill the rat who bears it!
Hear, Warpfire Throwers!
A Warpfire Thrower! Don't let it shoot!
By the Hammer! A fire-rat!
Douse that Warpfire, before we all burn!
That flame! They bring Warpfire to the battle!
Warpfire Thrower!
That's a Fire-rat.
My nostrils rankle with tainted flame. Warpfire Thrower.
Tagging Take out the Warpfire Thrower!
Packmaster In vicinity It's got a long reach...
A packmaster! It shall be perished!
Hook rat! Slay it! Slay it quickly!
I spy a hook rat!
Lifeleecher In vicinity Leech incoming!
Leech prowling!
Lifestealer witch! Put it down!
Watch out! Leech incoming!
Ach, another Lifeleech!
Leech sorcerer!
Leech! Slay it swiftly!
Lifestealer witch! Put it down!
Blightstormer In vicinity Fat bastard Blightstormer...
A Blightstormer! The air thickens with filth!
I've a shot for your rotten heart, Blightstormer!
Hark, I hear a Blightstormer's chant.
Have a care. I hear a storm Sorcerer...
Bloated bloody blightstormer!
Hear, Blightstormer.
The Sorcerer! The wind is his work!
Blightstormer! The winds die with him!
Cursed Blightstormer...
We have a Blightstormer!
Listen, Blightstormer.
I hear a Blightstormer. It must be silenced.
Blightstormer! Kill that flabby fiend!
Find that cursed Blightstormer. He can't be far...
Quick, before he calls the plague winds!
Blightstormer! Kill it dead!
Casting a storm We cannot fight the storm. Kill its creator!
The sorcerer! Over there! 'Tis his doing!
Blightstormer! End his chant!
The Sorcerer commands the vortex. Kill him!
Sorcerous winds cannot howl without their master!

Monster Interactions[]

Enemy Trigger Quote Audio
Rat Ogre Spawning Rat-Ogre - coming at us!
Fighting By the Arch Lector's fist!
Kill it with everything you have!
Steady! Steady!
Bring that abomination down!
Spawn of Chaos Spawning A Chaos Spawn!
A Spawn comes!
Hear. Spawn.
Fighting A thrashing mass of appetites and damned flesh!
Bile Troll Spawning Stay clear of that brute! A troll is no easy foe!
A troll! Strike for Sigmar!
Fighting Troll! It has no right to live!

Item Interactions[]

Item Quote Audio
Bomb Throwing the bomb!
Watch out! I'm lobbing it!
Have a care! Bomb's away!
Bombs away!
I unleash black powder!
Bomb thrown!
Medical Supplies Holy Sigmar! Bless this Ravaged Body!
One moment!
Guard me a moment!
I can so long as my binding holds.
The soul is willing, but the flesh requires binding.
Ah! Fit for the hunt, once again.
Healing Draught I hope it's not spoiled.
A toast for the Emperor!
With this, I toast victory.
This shall redouble my zeal.
Imbibing a potion!
Hold a moment while I drink!
I drink this from need, not desire.
I'll not waste a drop.
Come, potion, lend me vigour.
This better taste good.