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Here's a list of current and ongoing tasks that need doing!

Front Page Discussion page

Always worth checking[]


  • Talent names, descriptions, and icons
    • This includes adding missing information as well as updating existing pages for the newest update
    • In particular, existing talent info seems to be pre patch 1.6 (we're at 2.1.0 as of writing)
(Coming along well, only a few more needed! K3lit0 )
  • Weapon names and icons, and ideally some information on their use
(De Greed added most of these, still need a bit of info and refinement and icons. K3lit0 )
    • Illusion screenshots
(Tabs added and many illusions have been uploaded. A lot of illusion screenshots are uploaded but not yet added to their pages. You can view them in Unused Files - K3lit0 (talk) )
  • In-game screenshots of each enemy and sufficient information for a new player to fight each one
  • Fill in backstory for each character
  • Add hero quotes, particularly callouts
  • Complete the list of properties and traits
  • Finish the hero strategy pages
(Need shade, all kruber, all sienna, most of saltz. K3lit0 )


  • Mine reddit for good "beginner's tips" and incorporate these into the "Getting Started" guide
  • Finish what's started on Getting Started
  • Lore, NPCS, Boss profiles, and a bit more on each hero
  • Add olesya's post mission dialogue
(Done, except Halescourge. I heard that one was bugged and she says nothing. K3lit0 (talk)))
  • Replace blueprint weapon icons with the grey rarity weapon icons
    • Replace hagbane icon with proper icon(has swiftbow icon right now)
  • Find a home for all outcast illusions in Special:UnusedFiles


  • More Navigation templates
    • Add enemy nav template (see Template:Heroes)
  • More Infobox templates
    • Infobox for enemies
  • Rework landing pages for hotspots to be more accessible (similar to frontpage)
    • Heroes & Careers etc.
  • Improve the 'tree' at bottom of page
  • Decide what categories should be highlighted at the top of the page

General Maintenance[]

  • Look out for undefined terms (e.g. "move slow") and either link them to their glossary entries or create and entry and then link it.
  • Look out for un-seized opportunities to cross-link between articles and link 'em