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Twitch Mode is a setting that allows Streamers to give their chat the ability to vote on various decisions which affect the game, making the run either slightly easier or more challenging. During every vote, the game will either present 2 modifiers, from which the chat will have to choose one, or present an Item, after which the chat needs to decide who to give it to.

Enabling Twitch Mode[ | ]

In the Map Menu, select Twitch Mode. From there, you can enter in a Twitch user and connect to their stream. The game will not enter anything into Twitch chat, it will only read chat for hashtags options presented in-game. This means that you can connect your game to any active stream without interrupting the streamer, if you don't want to stream yourself.

Configuration[ | ]

The streamer has the option to change the voting duration, as well as the amount of time that needs to pass before another vote starts.

The number of units spawned by an effect can also be multiplied.

Modifiers labelled as "Mutator" can be disabled in the options menu, as can those marked "Item" and "Buff (beneficial)".

These values can be modified in the options menu, and can even be changed in-game while Twitch mode is active - you will have to wait for the next round of voting for the changes to take effect, however.

If the available values of the in-game options for time between votes, voting time, and spawn amount aren't to the user's taste, they can be directly edited in the user_settings.config file.

  • twitch_spawn_amount = <Floating point number to multiply the number of enemies spawned with - maximum effective value seems to be 3.0>
  • twitch_time_between_votes = <Seconds between each vote>
  • twitch_vote_time = <Seconds before the vote timer runs out>

List of possible modifiers[ | ]

Modifier Effect Type
Act on Instinct All HUD elements and outlines are disabled for 60 seconds. Mutator
All Aboard the Wild Ride! Spawns a group of Blightstormers. Spawning
All the Rage Spawns a Rat Ogre[1]. Spawning
Bad Indigestion Spawns a Bile Troll[1]. Spawning
Berserker Band Spawns a group of Savages. Spawning
Blackfurs on Parade Spawns a group of halberd-wielding Stormvermin. Spawning
Blessing of Regeneration Applies a regenerative effect to all party members, making them regain Permanent Health. Buff (beneficial)
Blood Loss Applies a quite powerful bleeding effect to a party member that slowly drains their HP. Buff
The Bloodkine Wakes Spawns a Minotaur[1]. Spawning
Bomb Will gift the selected player a Bomb[2]. Item
Boon of Concentration Gives the party the effect of a half-strength Potion of Concentration. Buff (beneficial)
Boon of Speed Gives the party the effect of a Potion of Speed. Buff (beneficial)
Boon of Strength Gives the party the effect of a Potion of Strength. Buff (beneficial)
(Critically) Unstable Breed Spawns a group of Explosive Loot Rats. Spawning
Cruel Hooks Spawns a group of Packmasters. Spawning
Curse of Anraheir Moving deals damage to the targeted player, lasts 15 seconds. Buff
Curse of Comradeship Straying away from your party slows you and saps your health. Mutator
Curse of the Rat Temporarily applies the health-limiting effect of a Grimoire (Can add a third stack if 2 Grimoires are already held). Buff
Curse of Tainted Blood Activates Slayer Curse for 30 seconds. Mutator
Darkness of Heresy Become swamped in supernatural gloom for 30 seconds - surrounds players in darkness similar to the beginning of The Blightreaper and the middle of Hunger in the Dark. Mutator
Earth Blood Gives all players full Temporary Health. This also clears Wounds. Buff (beneficial)
'eavy Metal Spawns a group of Chaos Warriors. Spawning
Fire and Fury Spawns a Stormfiend[1]. Spawning
Fozzrik's Fantastic Fulminate Gives one player infinite fragmentation bombs for 10 seconds. Buff (beneficial)
Glittering Robe Targeted player cannot die for 10 seconds. Buff (beneficial)
Gunline Spawns a group of Ratling Gunners. Spawning
Guns Blazing Ranged Weapons will consume no ammo and fire weapons produce no heat for a limited duration. Also gifts a single unit of Ammunition, so players out of ammunition can still participate in the slaughter. Buff (beneficial)
Healing Draught Will gift the selected player a Healing Draught[2]. Item
Hold Your Breath! Spawns a group of Poison Wind Globadiers. Spawning
Incendiary Bomb Will gift the selected player an Incendiary Bomb[2]. Item
Kill it With Fire! Spawns a group of Warpfire Throwers. Spawning
Mark of Khorne Activates the Bloodlust mutator for 30 seconds. (Whenever a player gets a kill whilst the mutator is active, they must keep killing until the mutator expires or begin to suffer HP loss) Mutator
Massed Tangling Thorns Roots all players in place for 10 seconds. Buff
Medical Supplies Will gift the selected player Medical Supplies[2]. Item
Pestilens Hymn Spawns a group of Plague Monks. Spawning
Potion of Concentration Will gift the selected player a Potion of Concentration[2]. Item
Potion of Speed Will gift the selected player a Potion of Speed[2]. Item
Potion of Strength Will gift the selected player a Potion of Strength[2]. Item
Ranald's Sparkling Gift The Trickster God periodically 'blesses' the party with ticking time bombs. Mutator
Release the Slaves! Spawns a wave of either Skavenslaves or Fanatics. Spawning
Savage Beast of Horros All players gain 100% critical chance for 20 seconds. Buff (beneficial)
Sneaking, Stabbing... Spawns a group of Gutter Runners. Spawning
Soul Drinkers Spawns a group of Lifeleeches. Spawning
Tangling Thorn Roots a single player in place. Buff
Treasure Hunt Spawns a group of Sack Rats. Spawning
Tzeentchian Twins Activates the Tzeentchian Twins mutator for 30 seconds. Mutator
Weapons Ablaze Lights both the attacks of your allies and enemies alike with flames. Mutator
Writhing Horror Spawns a Spawn of Chaos[1]. Spawning
Lightning Strike
30 second effect; Wide aoe lightning strike follows you before stopping and firing Mutator
Chasing Spirit
Shyish, The purple wind, cause your Enemies to chase you even in death. Mutator

Group Size[ | ]

The number of enemies spawned by a "Spawning" modifier varies with difficulty. The final result is also multiplied by the "twitch_spawn_amount" config value.

Unit Difficulty Group Size Range
Bile Troll All 1
Blightstormers Recruit 3
Blightstormers Veteran 3
Blightstormers Champion 4
Blightstormers Legend / Cataclysm 4
Chaos Warriors Recruit 4 - 5
Chaos Warriors Veteran 4 - 6
Chaos Warriors Champion 6 - 8
Chaos Warriors Legend / Cataclysm 8 - 10
Explosive Loot Rats Recruit 3 - 4
Explosive Loot Rats Veteran 4 - 6
Explosive Loot Rats Champion 6 - 8
Explosive Loot Rats Legend / Cataclysm 8 - 10
Gutter Runners Recruit 2
Gutter Runners Veteran 2
Gutter Runners Champion 3
Gutter Runners Legend / Cataclysm 4
Lifeleeches Recruit 2
Lifeleeches Veteran 2
Lifeleeches Champion 3
Lifeleeches Legend / Cataclysm 3
Minotaur All 1
Packmasters Recruit 3
Packmasters Veteran 3
Packmasters Champion 3
Packmasters Legend / Cataclysm 4
Plague Monks Recruit 3 - 4
Plague Monks Veteran 4 - 6
Plague Monks Champion 6 - 8
Plague Monks Legend / Cataclysm 8 - 10
Poison Wind Globadiers Recruit 3
Poison Wind Globadiers Veteran 3
Poison Wind Globadiers Champion 3
Poison Wind Globadiers Legend / Cataclysm 4
Rat Ogre All 1
Ratling Gunners Recruit 3
Ratling Gunners Veteran 3
Ratling Gunners Champion 4
Ratling Gunners Legend / Cataclysm 4
Release the Slaves! (Skavenslaves or Fanatics) Recruit 16 - 22
Release the Slaves! (Skavenslaves or Fanatics) Veteran 22 - 28
Release the Slaves! (Skavenslaves or Fanatics) Champion 28 - 36
Release the Slaves! (Skavenslaves or Fanatics) Legend / Cataclysm 36 - 42
Sack Rats All 10
Savages Recruit 3 - 4
Savages Veteran 4 - 6
Savages Champion 6 - 8
Savages Legend / Cataclysm 8 - 10
Spawn of Chaos All 1
Stormfiend All 1
Stormvermin Recruit 6 - 8
Stormvermin Veteran 8 - 10
Stormvermin Champion 10 - 12
Stormvermin Legend / Cataclysm 12 - 14
Warpfire Throwers Recruit 4
Warpfire Throwers Veteran 4
Warpfire Throwers Champion 4
Warpfire Throwers Legend / Cataclysm 5

Footnotes[ | ]

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Monsters spawned by Twitch have 85% of their regular maximum health.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 If the selected player already has an item in the target slot, it will be lost and replaced with the Twitch item. Tomes and Grimoires, however, will be dropped on the ground where the player was standing, and can be picked up again.