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The War Camp
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Boss Mission
Helmgart Act 3
Festering Ground
The Skittergate
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Looks like we've made a friend. After freeing his slaves, burning his supplies, and burying his dreams of power, the Rotblood Champion is more than eager to socialize. He's sending out scores of scouting parties, just for us, and his sorcerers plead to their foul god to reveal our location. These efforts have left his camp a tad bit empty, so I suggest we grab the opportunity to pay him a visit, before he and his army show up at our door.
~ Franz Lohner

Thanks to our efforts, the locale's seething with northlanders who want to find our merry little hidey-hole and murder us all in our beds. Yes, it's alarming, but it's also an opportunity. The search has left the camp at Ussingfeld Marsh lightly defended, enough for us to turn the tables on our Rotblood friends. I doubt you'll find their champion in his bed, but I'm sure you'll manage the murder part.
~ Franz Lohner


The Heroes search for the Rotblood war camp and its leader, Bödvarr Ribspreader. They need to navigate the swamp, break into the camp and kill the Chaos Champion before his hordes find Taal's Horn Keep

Battering Ram Event[]

The heroes need to use a Battering Ram to storm the gate of the war camp. Stand beside the ram to push it towards the gate, then ram the door thrice until it is breached. During the event, Rotblood Infantry will come at the heroes in waves, plus a small wave of Savages in between.


While making their way through the war camp, the heroes are trapped inside Bödvarr's Pit of Trials. Bödvarr gives a speech, then jumps down to fight. He can throw his axe at you, and attacks with both fast and slow, powerful strikes. From time to time he will retreat to the middle of the arena to call for aid from his Rotblood Infantry. For more tactics on Bödvarr, check his page.


Hah! That shut that stinking champion up! As I suspected, the new champion will obey the orders from his superiors in Norsca. They want him to concentrate on raiding and gathering slaves, not chasing some little insignificant troupe like us. So the search for our Keep has been called off, and we can go back to what we are doing. A good day for all of us.
~ Olesya Pimenova


  • Ussingfeld Marsh: muddy path at the start of the level. Gives the Head into the Swamp objective.
  • Froschdorf Trail: narrow ravines, with two splitting paths at one point, one in more ravines, the second with a rotten wood bridge over a pond.
  • Old Andreas' Den: missable shoddy shack at the left of the Froschdorf Trail. Contains the first Tome.
  • Froschdorf: ruined swamp village. Gives the Find the Rotblood Camp objective. Contains the second Tome and the first Grimoire.
  • Zuhause Gully: open swamp area, with one human skin teepee. The path to the War Camp is signalled by burning torches. The War Camp can be first seen at a cliff in the middle of the zone.
  • The Blót Tree: huge tree with dozens of corpses hanging on it. "Blót" is an Old Norse term for a living sacrifice to the gods.
  • Rotblood War Camp: entrance of the War Camp, with the Battering Ram Event.
  • Maggotheim Stockade: inside the War Camp palisade. At the immediate entrance stands a first Chaos shrine. At the end of the zone stands what appears to be a shrine to Nurgle: a tall tower joined by three chains, and three large circles of wood on the ground in front of it disposed in the Nurgle symbol, surrounding three cages. Distorted air comes from the circles, suggesting they're covering something either burning or rotting.
  • Inner Abode: small area with several leather tanning racks.
  • Vaardkase: small area with a big bonfire that can damage the player, surrounded by impaled burning corpses. "Vårdkase" is swedish for a signaling fire, used for the communication of specific messages.
  • Bödvarr's Pit of Trials: the arena where the Bödvarr fight takes place.


  1. Head Into the Swamp
  2. Find the Rotblood Camp
  3. Escort the Battering Ram
  4. Reach the Top of the Camp
  5. Defeat Bödvarr Ribspreader
  6. Escape From the Camp


  • Before the finale there are four Grindstones you can interact with. It is theorized that these may provide a buff to the players, but this has not been proven.
  • Bödvarr Ribspreader is called "Doctor Ribspreader" by members of the community.
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