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Enemy waves spawn as soon as the heroes drop down into the section with the Screaming Bell. However, Stormvermin can be sniped or lured towards the drop-off before dropping down without triggering enemy spawns. If a horde just spawned before the drop, wait it out, as the combined enemy forces might overwhelm you.

When dropping down, don't forget to take the healing items immediately to your right. The fastest and safest way is to swiftly clear the area in front of the bell of any remaining Skaven and then split up two-by-two. The scaffolding around the bell can be climbed from either way, so one group can start at the right side and the other one at the left. After breaking all the chains, make sure to clear the whole area of Skaven again, as moments later a Rat Ogre will appear form the escape exit. Killing the Ogre is safest, though not mandatory, and even unfavorable if going for Okri's Challenge.

Afterwards, more enemies spawn continuously while the heroes are escaping. Slow and steady wins the race, as running might get the group split up with possibly dire consequences. Be sure to keep an eye on the player walking behind, and listen for Stormvermin and the Specials that also spawn.