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Grimoire 1[]

As soon as you reach Milizengrube, there is a wagon on the left. The street will lead you to the right, but head past the wagon to start a jumping puzzle up two crates in an alley.

Screaming grim1a.jpg

When up the stone ledge, turn around. The puzzle continues up some crates and wooden beams as it heads above the wagon and across the street you just came from. When you stand on the second beam, jump straight to the suspended platform. You can't land on the protruding brick between the beam and the platform.

Screaming grim1b.jpg

Continue through the archway at the end of the puzzle, the first Grimoire is in some crates.

Screaming grim1c.jpg

Tome 1[]

You will come to a building you need to go through in order to proceed. You can see the first Tome sitting by a window outside the first floor. Head to the very top floor of this building.

Screaming tome1a.jpg

On the top floor there is a balcony, at the end of the balcony, turn left and drop down a short way to a platform with the crate.

Screaming tome1b.jpg

Turn left around the house and continue across to the front of the building to reach the Tome.

Screaming tome1c.jpg

Tome 2[]

In the Spucknapf Market, cross under the bridge and keep to the left side. There is a ladder in the corner that will take you to the start of a jumping puzzle. Jump parallel to the bridge all the way to the other side. You have to jump across a protruding lantern additionally to jumping across the market stalls.

Screaming tome2a.jpg

The second Tome is in a crate on the other side of the jumping puzzle.

Screaming tome2b.jpg

Grimoire 2[]

From above the market, on the round plateau with the statue, climb the ladder onto the wagon by foot the statue.

Screaming grim2a.jpg

Jump across to the other side of the statue onto the wooden platform.

Screaming grim2b.jpg

Fall down through the platform and make your way under the statue.

Screaming grim2c.jpg

The second Grimoire is in a Chest, pull a Lever to open the Gate back into the market.

Screaming grim2d.jpg

Tome 3[]

The third Tome is directly across from the drop into Von Bisschenbesser Strasse.

Screaming tome3a.jpg

After the turn, keep right and go through this archway

Screaming tome3b.jpg

Through a second arch, turn left and walk along the lip of the wall to reach the Tome.

Screaming tome3c.jpg

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