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The Screaming Bell
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Main Mission
Helmgart Act 2
Athel Yenlui
Fort Brachsenbrücke
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Stop me if you've heard this one before, but the ratmen have raised a bloody great bell up on Helmgart's ramparts. Crazy little buggers will worship anything, near as I can tell. Problem is, there's no way to know if this is a purely ceremonial lump of bronze, or a lodestone for our grey seer's magic. We'll have to destroy it, just to be safe. And by 'we,' I mean 'you.'
~ Franz Lohner

What weighs several tonnes, draws ratmen like flies and sounds awful? If you just answered 'oh no, not another bloody bell" then you win a pumpkin, you lucky bleeder. Don't eat it all at once, because you'll need provisions on your way to destroying the wretched thing. We don't actually know if that lump they've raised in Helmgart is a real screaming bell, but better safe than sorry.
~ Franz Lohner


The Heroes travel through Helmgart to find a Giant Bell the Skaven have raised on the ramparts. Lohner isn't certain it is an actual Screaming Bell, but if it is it would empower the Skaven in and around Helmgart, so it must be brought down. After locating the bell, they break the Chains it's hanging from to drop it into the town below and destroy it.


During the final event, the players have to destroy nine chains holding the Screaming Bell in order to destroy it. During the event Skaven will spawn to attack the players, and standing around the bell are Stormvermin guarding the chains. Breaking the chains is easy, simply strike them with your Melee Weapon until they break (only one or two hits required). After all chains are broken, the Bell will drop into the ravine and a Rat Ogre will break through the gate leading to the Bridge of Shadows, it is advisable but not mandatory to kill the Ogre. The escape is relatively long and additional Skaven will spawn, including more Stormvermin and Specials.


I appreciate your,... Unrefined yet somehow successful efforts. The bell had to go, and you did your part. Is it likely they will try to mend it and bring it up again? In short - yes. Where there's vermin, there are bells. No way around it. Anyway, I have some new tidbits of information. The new Warlord of Clan Fester. a Brute by the name of Skarrik Spinemanglr, is all brawn and no brain, which could work to our advantage. He is apparently a new addition to Clan Fester, perhaps sent by their superiors, Clan Pestilens. It would help explain the presence of Plague Monks among Clan Fester's forces nowadays. There were none among their ranks during the assault on Ubersreik, remember? My sources tell me Pestilens wanted no truck with Fester in fear of contracting the Brood Blight, but apparently this has changed. I'd say the Skittergate and the pact with the Rotbloods helped along the sudden change of heart among the Plaguelords. They would not pass up and opportunity for conquering the Reikland, after all.
~ Olesya Pimenova


  • Helmgart, Civilian Quarters: starting area, with narrow streets and wooden bridges.
  • Bernhard Boulevard: large open area with some carts, statues and carnival banners.
  • Milizengrube: flat street with burning buildings. "Milizengrube" is german and can be translated as "milita pit".
  • Spucknapf Market: market situated under a stone bridge, with a lot of openable boxes in the stalls. Includes the round ward with the large statue and the Grimoire above it. "Spucknapf" means "spittoon" in german.
  • Gebhard Strasse: large straight street after the statue, going up until a barricade.
  • von Bisschenbesser Strasse: street in a reversed J shape, from where the Bell can be seen. "bisschen besser" means "bit better" in german.
  • Dunkeldenker Platz: town square with the statue of a kneeling man, just before the steps. "Dunkeldenker" is made out of two german words and means "dark thinker".
  • Erinnerung Steps: stairs that go all the way to the Screaming Bell. "Erinnerung" means "remembrance" in german.
  • The Screaming Bell: where the Screaming Bell is hung, plus some tunnels.
  • Scribes' Quarters: area where the fallen bell can be found, and streets leading to the Bridge of Shadows.


  1. Reach the Screaming Bell
  2. Destroy the Screaming Bell
  3. Escape Through the Bridge of Shadows


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