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Gate Event[]

Remember that only one barrel spawns at a time. Enemy spawns are time-dependent, meaning the longer the party drags out the event, the more enemies it has to deal with.

By far the safest method is to let one player carry the barrel while the other three team members defend him. This strategy also takes the longest, as the whole party needs to move back and forth three times.

If the party is more experienced, it can also let two players run the barrels. One needs to wait at the barrel drop-off while the other player takes the first barrel. The waiting player can then immediately take the second barrel, while the first player walks back for the third barrel. The other two players are tasked with killing the waves as efficiently as possible to allow the runners to do their job. See also the associated challenge for more details on how to run this event as fast as possible.


The finale is a hold-out event. When the Horn of Magnus is blown, waves of enemies will start to poor in from holes in the floor and from the ceiling. The easiest place to defend is the corridor with the barred iron window opposite to where you drop in and just before the stairs leading up to the Horn. Face towards the room and stand shoulder to shoulder to hold off the waves. Have at least one sniping player that watches for dangerous ranger Specials such as Globadiers and Ratling Gunners. Don't let the group stand with their backs pressed against the window, so that the sniping player can step back from the horde and get some space to get a clear shot at these Specials. In case a Globadier makes the corridor unsafe, stepping out to the right corner or up the stairs is the best way to go.

Near the end, a couple of Chaos Warriors will spawn. Often the room is almost clear of enemies at this point, so don't be afraid to step out pf your corridor in order to properly deal with these guys.

Extra tips:

  • The chamber can hold a lot of consumables. Make sure to check every nook and cranny before sounding the Horn.
  • The healing items on the scaffold near the drop-off can be safely taken instead of any Tomes the party is carrying. These tomes can be picked up after the event by jumping towards the scaffolding, or by dropping down the escape hole and back up the stairs.