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Blow the door within 30 seconds of the first barrel dropping on Horn Of Magnus

The timer starts when the first Explosive Barrel is placed, so make sure to clear the area and have a second player standby at the barrel drop-off before placing the first keg. It is best that two players are running the barrels and two players are kiting any Enemies that spawn.

The running players should spec for speed, which can include Talents that increase running speed or Active Abilities that allow players to leap or dash forward. A good combination would be the Slayer with his Leap and Handmaiden with Dash, other good Careers are the Shade, the Battle Wizard or the Foot Knight. Swiftness and Concentration Potions are also help tremendously here, so save them up for this challenge.

For kiting, the Ironbreaker is a good choice as he actually pulls Aggro from the runners. The Witch Hunter Captain and Mercenary are able to Stagger whole Hordes of enemies, which can help the runners to break free from engaging enemies.


Legend: Blow the door within 30 seconds of the first barrel dropping on Horn Of Magnus

The only difference with the normal challenge is the hard hitting enemies. Be sure to make proper use of your Shoves and Dodges as runner. A good team composition is even more important now, make sure you divide the roles and take the appropriate talents in the lobby. Completing this challenge will also complete the regular BARRELS OF FUN challenge.


Visit an old hiding place in Horn Of Magnus

The players need to find and enter the hiding place where the third tome was located in Vermintide 1. Above Oliver's Inn, before reaching the rooftops, you need to open multiple Chests in order to move a hidden panel and are able to enter the room.

The first chest is found immediately after the drop-off out of the Inn. Turn right into a room with some beds and open the chest.


Then second chest is located in a room above the firs set of stairs. When walking up, look back. You'll see a hidden room which can be reached by crouching along the ledge and making a difficult jump.


The third chest is located up the second set of stairs. Take an immediate right to walk into a room with the chest in the middle.


The fourth chest is located to the left of the stairs leading to the uppermost room.


The last one is relatively hidden. Dive underneath the final wooden stairs leading to the roof. You'll find a hidden room with the final chest.


Now return to the room of the third chest. On the right side, a hidden panel has opened. Entering the hidden room will give complete the challenge. Be aware that every player needs to enter the room individually for them to complete the challenge.



Find and survive stealing the Gutter Runner's Stash on Horn of Magnus

The party needs to find a secret stash. Grabbing it will unleash a massive amount of Gutter Runners, so be prepared and only take the stash when all party members agree with this. The best strategy to survive this onslaught is to stay underneath the scaffolding the pouch is found, this will make it hard for the assassins to pounce you and even messes up their path finding, rendering them harmless. Make sure to await and clear a horde before activating the challenge, as the combined forces might overwhelm your party. Also be sure to have enough ranged ammunition (Sienna and the Ironbreaker are a good addition for this challenge, as they have unlimited ammo).

When entering the Hog pit, stay on ground level, walk through the ditch and turn left at the first T-section where you normally would go right.


Walk underneath the scaffolding where you see a sewage grate, from there look right and up to see a small bundle, the Gutter Runner's Secret Stash.

Gutterstash2.jpg Gutterstash3.jpg


Legend: Find and survive stealing the Gutter Runner's Stash on Horn of Magnus

Similar to the regular challenge, just make sure all players are in a position and have the skill needed to deal with a massive amount of Gutter Runners.