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Tome 1[]

When entering the New Watch Barracks, go through the busted iron gate directly in front of you and turn right.

Horntome1 1.jpg

The tome is at the end of the passage, hidden behind a barrel.

Horntome1 2.jpg

Grimoire 1[]

When walking into Ranaldstrasse, take a first left and jump over a broken iron gate to enter a little square with a carriage.

Horngrim1 1.jpg

To the left is a small building, enter here.

Horngrim1 2.jpg

Inside is an altar with a Chest. The Grimoire is on a wooden beam behind the banner hanging on the right. Jump onto the chest and towards the Grimoire to grab it.

Horngrim1 3.jpg

Tome 2[]

At the end of Ranaldstrasse stands a carriage next to a iron fence and an Ammo Crate, the Tome lies in a crate on top of the carriage.

Horntome2 1.jpg

To reach it, jump onto a wooden box to the left of carriage and jump towards the carriage to grab the Tome (this might take a few tries).

Horntome2 2.jpg

Tome 3[]

On the Von Jungfreud Platz, turn left and walk towards the corner with a lot of rubble.

Horntome3 1.jpg

You'll see two crates you can jump up on. From there, jump onto a wooden beam alongside the building and further onto a wooden roof.

Horntome3 2.jpg

Look around the corner of the building on the other side to see a stone ledge, jump onto this ledge.

Horntome3 3.jpg

From here you can see a smaller stone ledge on the other side. Here lies the Tome, as well as a Suspicious Brick for finding the Horn of Magnus Rune.

Horntome3 4.jpg

Grimoire 2[]

Right before you reach the winding staircase up to the tavern, go up to the double doors on the right.

Grim2 1.jpg 20190127031306 1.jpg

The Grimoire is right in between the doors on some boxes. Walk up the tilted ledges on either side and jump sideways to get it.

20190127031323 1.jpg

Alternatively, go up the stairs, then follow the ledges to get the Grimoire.

Horn of Magnus Grim 2-Ledges-1.jpg

Crouch to get under the arch. You'll need to jump to get on the final ledge to get the Grimoire.

Horn of Magnus Grim 2-Ledges-2.jpg.jpg Horn of Magnus Grim 2-Ledges-3.jpg.jpg

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