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The Curse of Drachenfels
Release Date
January 23, 2020
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"There's no gold in the Grey Mountains... only blood."

The Curse of Drachenfels is a free update for Vermintide 2, released on 23 January 2020.

Chapter two was released on 19 February 2020.

Chapter three was released on 24 March 2020.

The campaign revolves around the return to Castle Drachenfels, a DLC from the first Vermintide.


Folk from the villages in the Grey Mountain have gone missing, and Franz Lohner sends our Heroes back into the shadows of Castle Drachenfels to have a closer look.


The Campaign includes three new Missions:


The fellows I work for - well that's what they think - are getting a bit concerned about Castle Drachenfels. Again. Seems the Pactsworn are making free with the place, and there are reports of folk missing in the nearby villages. I don't like the feel of this one. No one goes to Drachenfels for innocent reasons. Well, except you lot.
~ Franz Lohner