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The Chaos Wastes
Release Date
20 April 2021
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The Chaos Wastes is the second free update for Vermintide 2, released on 20 April 2021.

"It's very different. It will take place in the actual Chaos Wastes. Things in the wastes are very weird sometimes because the Winds of Magic are very strong up there. It's close to the portal to the Realm of Chaos, where the daemons live."

- Mårten Stormdal - Game Director


Your mission is to locate the rumored Citadel of Eternity in the search for salvation - at any cost.


This DLC varies markedly from those released before. The main differences are listed as follows:

  • There are not separate Missions, instead one long Expedition comprising of a branching path that pulls from a pool of 15 new unique locations.
  • There are no Grimoires, Tomes, and Ravaged Art to collect. Instead there is a collectible currency known as Pilgrim's Coins, usable only within the Chaos Wastes. Some of these carry over between expeditions and can be used to purchase new Weapons, Boons, and Miracles as you progress through the expeditions.
  • Starting weapons for each expedition is the lowest Rarity version of the equipped weapon upon queuing. New weapons and rarity upgrades can be purchased via Altars found randomly within each map.
  • At the start of an expedition, your equipment will have no traits. Instead, these can be found throughout the expedition as boons and miracles. These are also assigned a rarity, to indicate value. The player is awarded a boon at the end of each map, and may hold up to 18 boons in total per expedition. Lower rarity boons are replaced first.
  • Equipment acquired in each expedition does not carry over outside of the expedition. To make up for a longer dedicated effort, multiple chests are awarded upon completion. Final performance is based on Pilgrim's Coins collected, optional rewards chests beaten, and type of map beaten.