Vermintide 2 Wiki

Button categories should be: Heroes & Careers / Enemies Missions / Consumable Items (?? does this include interactable items? 'in game' items? need a perfect name for this.) Equipment / Crafting Spoils of War / Heroic Deeds Getting Started / Guides (I know you want more guides AP but with the tree showing more and fewer button real-estate one GUIDES button might actually be better, especially since more buttons dilutes the idea some- it would be the landing page for all guides rather than some arbitrary split at the top level.) ?Lore? / Book Locations (Of course this is just a guide but it's the most important thing people look for so it should break the rules and be here.)

We could even move getting started into guides and cut ?lore? slot to reduce the total number of buttons overall. I'm sure Sandoval would like this.

I will make these buttons soon. Having the resources AP is gathering will help.