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Skaven.jpg Skaven
Armour Class
Weak Spots
Head, Back
Unique Traits
Shoots a cone of flame. Can charge forward towards a Hero at high speed.
Hit Points
Cata 2
Cata 3

The Stormfiend is a type of Skaven Monster in Vermintide 2.

Stormfiends are mechanically improved Rat Ogres. By attaching two Warpfire flamethrowers to its arms, connected to gas tanks on its shoulders, it can spread a devastating amount of flames on the battlefield. A downside of impairing his hands is that his close-combat abilities are slightly lowered, but that doesn't mean he can't lash out to whoever gets close. As the Stormfiend lacks the intelligence to use his weaponry, a rat-like creature with a huge brain is bound to his back. It is actually this brain-creature that controls the action of the Stormfiend.


An enhancement of the already formidable Rat Ogre, the Stormfiend counts amongst the crowning achievements of Clan Moulder’s breeding experiments. Hardiness is granted by warp-metal armour fused directly to twisted flesh, driven by the brain-beast melded to the creature’s spine.

And yet Clan Moulder cannot claim full credit for the Stormfiend. Clan Skryre weaponry grants the monster a capacity for slaughter that other Rat Ogres lack. Thus the Stormfiend’s maddened roars are often blotted out by the seething rush of warpfire, gouted from projectors bolted to its forearms.

When facing a Stormfiend, the choice of battleground can mean the difference between life or an agonizing death. Thanks to the tactical awareness of the brain-creature on its back, the towering rat-beast will engage his foes from a distance with lethal gouts of warpfire. As the battle commences, the ground will quickly become a maze of flames, making it crucial that you choose your terrain carefully. The brute is heavily armoured and comes with one crucial weakness – the wicked little mastermind on its back. Interrupt his attacks, watch your step, charge as a team, target the mastermind, and who knows, you might even make it out alive.


The Stormfiend uses his flamethrower at long range, but also has an attack for close combat and an attack to close the distance to its foes.


The Stormfiend uses either one of his arms to sweep at the Hero in front of him. Knocks players back and damages them, but the damage can be negated by blocking.


The Stormfiend lets out a growl and charges at a Hero with his armoured head, knocking them back and damaging them. Damage can be negated by blocking.


Using either of his flamethrowers, the Stormfiend aims at one of the heroes and lets out a blast of green Warpfire. Players getting hit by the blast receive damage over time. Additionally, the flames leave a burning trail on the ground which lingers for multiple seconds. If players stand on the trail for a prolonged time they receive damage.


  • A Stormfiend has two weak points. The first is his head, which is armoured, the second is the rat-like creature on his back which is not. Target its brain - the hanging guy on the back - for massive damage.
  • When a player hits the weak spot on his back, he often attracts the attention of the Stormfiend. Be prepared to dodge or block after you get a few hits in.
  • You will only take damage over time from the green flames if you stand too long in them. Moving / dodging through the flames quickly will not result in damage, thus allowing players to cross a flame trail.
  • Try to keep the Stormfiend stationary. It will often move into spots where it's difficult to hit its back. This means: stay close to it and circle it to kill it as quickly as possible.
  • His flames are easily avoided by strafing or dodging to either side.
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