Vermintide 2 Wiki
Image Title Description Notes
Escaped.png Escaped! Complete Prologue
The plot thickens.png The Plot Thickens Complete Act 1
Striking back.png Striking Back Complete Act 2
Reikland rumble.png Reikland Rumble Complete Act 3
The Frozen North.png The Frozen North Complete Skittergate on Recruit
Pact-smasher.png Pact-Smasher Complete Skittergate on Veteran
Righteous crusade.png Righteous Crusade Complete Skittergate on Champion
Norscannihilation.png Norscannihilation Complete Skittergate on Legend
Avatar of drakira.png Avatar of Drakira Reach level 30 with Kerillian
Witch hunter general.png Witch Hunter General Reach level 30 with Saltzpyre
Champion of taal.png Champion of Taal Reach level 30 with Kruber
Conflagation of doom.png Conflagation of Doom Reach level 30 with Sienna
Just like cousin okri.png Just Like Cousin Okri Reach level 30 with Bardin
Pantheon of heroes.png Pantheon of Heroes Reach level 30 with all Characters
Tempered by war.png Tempered by War Unlock 1st Talent point This Achievement can be unlocked on hero level 5
Examplar.png Exemplar Unlock all Talent points for 1 Career This Achievement can be unlocked on hero level 25
Craftsman.png Craftsman Craft an Item This Achievement can be unlocked upon gathering 10 scrap, no other materials are needed as you can craft a random item by not selecting a template.
Master craftsman.png Master Craftsman Craft 50 Items
Waste not want not.png Waste Not, Want not Salvage an Item
Make do and mend.png Make Do and Mend Salvage 100 items
My first wargear.png My First Wargear Equip a Common Item Common items have a green background
Quite the find.png Quite the Find Equip a Rare Item Rare items have a blue background
Heirloom.png Heirloom Equip an Exotic Item Exotic items have an orange background
Now you're showing off.png Now You're Showing Off Equip Exotic items in every slot Exotic items have an orange background
Mark of expertise.png Mark of expertise Equip a Veteran Item Veteran items have a red background
Virtuoso.png Virtuoso Complete a level as every Hero To complete this achievement a single mission has to be completed with every character.