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Stamina is a rechargeable resource that allows Heroes to perform defensive actions in melee combat - namely Blocking and Pushing. The Stamina pool cannot be reduced to below 0.

In-game stamina indicator


Weapon hover-over tool tip. The actual Stamina value would be 6.

The hero's base reserve of stamina is determined by the Melee Weapon they have equipped. This amount can be further boosted with the Necklace Property, melee weapon property, or Career Passive Abilities. The hero's total amount of stamina is displayed at the center of the screen while blocking (right mouse button by default), shown as a series of shield icons. A full shield represents 2.0 stamina or less and a cracked shield represents 1.0 stamina or less. The Weapon's base stamina is shown at the top-right corner of its hover-over tool tip in the inventory. However, the number shown in the tool tip represents the number of full stamina shields, meaning the actual stamina value is double this number.

Stamina Recovery[]

Whenever stamina is expended, it automatically begins recovering after a short delay. The length of the delay is based on the last source of stamina loss.

Stamina Loss Recovery Delay
Push with Shield weapons 0.75 seconds
Push with other weapons 1.5 seconds
Blocking damage 1.0 second
Block broken 2.0 seconds

The rate of automatic stamina recovery is a scaling rate based on the hero's maximum stamina[1] between around 1.5 to 2.0 per second -- the lower the hero's maximum stamina, the faster each point of stamina regenerates. Stamina recovery rate can be increased by the Trinket property, talents, and passive abilities. Stamina recovery also reduces the length of the recovery delay.


  • Holding block has no negative impact on stamina recovery.
  • When an enemy starts to swing at the hero from behind, the player will hear a telltale whoosh sound effect. This is the perfect time to block and/or Dodge.