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Specials are a type of Enemy in Vermintide 2 that spawn randomly on each Mission. Specials all deploy a different strategy during combat: some having ranged attacks, while others are able to immobilize one or multiple Heroes. Because of this, Specials are often considered a number one priority.

The Special type includes:

Power Bonus[]

As Specials are an enemy type with different armour classes among them, player needs different Weapon Properties for a damage bonus, depending on the Special:

The Power vs Infantry property gives Heroes extra damage against the Poison Wind Globadier, Gutter Runner, Lifeleech, Blightstormer and Sack Rat.
The Power vs Armoured property gives Heroes extra damage against the Warpfire Thrower and Ratling Gunner.
The Power vs Monsters property gives Heroes extra damage against the Packmaster.


  • Before they are visible, Specials can be identified by their unique sound cues, as well as shout outs made by the different Heroes. Players are advised to learn these cues, as well as note the direction the sound originates from, to quickly identify and localize a Special.
  • When a Hero is disabled by a Special, the other players are warned by a sound cue and both the disabled player and the Special are highlighted (unless the Hero is disabled by a blightstorm). Check your team whenever you hear this sound in order to quickly free other players.


  • While Heroes often call out which Special they hear, they often use different names for them.
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