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Spawn of Chaos
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Chaossymbol.png Chaos
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Grabs heroes and bites them to heal.
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Cata 2
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The Spawn of Chaos is a type of Chaos Monster in Vermintide 2.

Also known as the "Chaos Spawn", this pure mass of muscle is a former Nurgle worshiper who received one too many "gifts" from its deity, transforming him into a monstrosity. The Chaos Spawn stands on a thick and a thin, bony leg, has one arm with claws and a multiple tentacles protruding from a teethed gab under his decrepit left arm. It has a mouth-like protrusion as a head, filled with teeth.


All worshippers of the Dark Gods strive for their patron’s recognition. Every life they claim, every barbarous act, is in furtherance of this one goal. Alas, the gods are fickle, and ladle out their blessings with an uneven hand. The mortal form was never meant to bear such gifts – when the tipping point is reached, mind and body collapse beneath their weight. Thus is born the Chaos Spawn.

The vaguest outline of a man can be recognised beneath the Spawn’s thrashing bulk. The barest glimmer of reason in its bellowing voice. But the man who was is there no longer, trapped in a prison of his own mutating flesh, driven to madness by his nightmarish existence. The man-that-was fought for glory, and for pride. The Spawn-that-is battles on only to soothe its own pain, and because it knows no other life.

In combat, the Chaos Spawn is surprisingly fast and erratic despite its towering height. Blinded by its rage and pain, it will constantly overwhelm its opponents, forcing them to split their ranks. Any poor fool who is left standing alone against the Chaos Spawn will soon find themselves inside its maw, razor-sharp fangs biting through armor and skin alike. The only means of killing it is to attack from all sides, dividing its attention and preventing it from targeting any one individual.


The Chaos Spawn has five different attacks, all which hit the players standing in front of him.


Using its right arm, the Chaos Spawn stikes the Hero in front of him with an overhead slam. Cannot be blocked.


Using its tentacle, the Spawn damages the players in front of them with a sweeping strike. It can launch players using this attack, but the damage can be blocked.

Triple Hit[]

Three rapid hits aimed at a player while advancing, starting with its right hand. Each hit can be blocked at the cost of 1 stamina.

Quadruple hit[]

Four rapid hits aimed at a player while advancing, starting with its right hand. Each hit can be blocked at the cost of 1 stamina.

Tentacle Grab[]

The Chaos Spawn uses its tentacle to grab a player in front of him. The grabbing cannot be blocked. If it catches a Hero, it can perform one of two actions:

  • The Spawn bites and chews the head of the player, healing him for about 20% of its health while damaging the player
  • The Spawn uses the player to slam the ground in front of him multiple times, damaging any party members standing too close.

After performing one of these actions, the Chaos Spawn throws the player away.


  • Though its triple hit can be blocked, all other attack should be avoided by dodging.
  • The Chaos Spawn attacks players with a strike or tentacle grab when close to him while using the multi-hit attacks as a gap closure. In practice this often means the Spawn switches between a strike, sweep or tentacle grab and the multi-hit attack in turn.
  • When the Chaos Spawn grabs a player it means it can heal up. Use Hero abilities or bombs to stagger the Spawn, which makes it drop the grabbed player.
  • A Chaos Spawn can throw players to their death when it's standing close to a dead drop, so avoid fighting it near ravines or deep water.
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