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Skarrik Spinemanglr
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Fully Armoured
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Uses two sets of weapons
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Skarrik brave-strong! Man-things not! Cut-crush!


Skarrik Spinemanglr is the Stormvermin Warlord of Clan Fester, and the boss at the end of Into the Nest. He resides in Karak Gnol and is "All brawn and no brain" according to Oleysa. Skarrik replaced the old Warlord (which was killed by the Heroes in Ubersreik), having been sent to Helmgart by Clan Pestilens, the superiors of Clan Fester.

Skarrik wears the same outfit as normal Stormvermin, but additionally carries a skull rack on which the remnants of Skarrik's victims are mounted. He has two sets of weapons: a halberd on his back that he draws and attacks with for slow, heavy attacks, and two jagged swords he dual wields for fast attacks.


His first attack mode is by using his dual swords. In this mode, Skarrik will parry frontal attacks, but most of his attacks will also be easily blockable. During this mode he performs the following attacks:

Single Strike[]

Skarrik strikes out once with one of his swords. Can be blocked.

Speed Slash[]

Skarrik rears back, then slashes down starting with his right arm in a three-hit combo. Can be followed up by a Vermin Vault (see below) or Single Strike (see above). Can be blocked.

Vermin Vault[]

Skarrik jumps slightly into the air, before diving down in an overhead attack on his opponent. Can be partially blocked.

In his second attack mode he uses his halberd. These attacks do heavier damage, but also have slower buildups.

Swing Hit[]

Skarrik performs a sideways strike. Can be blocked.

Heavy hit[]

Skarrik swings his halberd straight down in an overhead slam. Can be partially blocked.

Skaven Skewer[]

Skarrik leaps forward with his weapon in a piercing frontal jab. Can be partially blocked.

Wide Wipe[]

After being hit once, Skarrik charges up a swing around his left side. He follows up with a sweep of his halberd around in a semicircle, hitting everything in a wide arch in front of him and sending heroes flying. Can be partly blocked.

Additional Mechanics[]

Summon Skaven[]

Skarrik stands still to summon his Skaven allies, this can include Stormvermin.


  • Skarrik is a mostly offensive character. Be sure to be mindful of which mode he is in, to indicate which attacks he is most likely to do.
  • Watch out especially for the Wide Wipe with his halberd. Since it is a very slow attack yet has quite the range, you can be knocked off guard, often into dying state. Go for some extra distance just in case.
  • Since he is armoured, remember to use Charged Attacks, weapons with the Armour Piercing characteristic or make headshots, otherwise your attacks won't have any effect.
  • On higher difficulties, a tank like Bardin's Ironbreaker or Kruber's Foot Knight is often a must have for this fight, since Skarrik's barrage of attacks will quickly break your guard and damage you for quite some health.


  • Before Patch 1.0.8, this heavily armored Warlord was easily the most difficult boss in the game, even on recruit.



Trigger Quote Audio
Monologuing Skarrik not afraid! Kill-kill all! Slay-flay your paymasters!
Summon horde Fester-kin! Kill-kill! Kill-kill all!
For Fester. For Pestilens! Kill-kill!
Taunt Weak no-furs! Die-die!
Snap your spine, yes-yes! Kill-kill!
Skarrik kill-kill- quick-quick!
Weak-frail! Man-thing cat-fondlers! Slay-slash!
Skarrik mighty! Skarrik strong-strong!
Man-thing assassins? Ridiculous! Kill-kill now-now!

Unused Quotes[]

Quote Audio
Ha ah! Hat-man down! Save other eye for Skarrik to eat it!
Come-come one-eye man-thing! Skarrik remember. Take other eye!
No-furs sent by Rasknitt! Skarrik knows! Seer die-die!

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