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Sister of the Thorn Career
Release Date
03 June 2021
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The Sister of the Thorn Premium Career was released on 03 June 2021.


The Sisters of the Thorn are renowned as the handmaidens of Ariel, the life-giving Queen of Athel Loren, but there are those among them who court darker, malevolent powers. Reborn into their mystical ranks, Kerillian engages in battle with spell-craft and javelins, drawing upon nature’s splendour to invigorate and protect her allies.

  • Unleash the gifts of the Goddesses with two new weapon types: the Briar Javelin and the Deepwood Staff.
  • Embrace the Weave of Nature with a new unique talent tree.
  • Rejoice in Nature’s Glory with an exclusive character skin & new voice lines.
  • Wield the blessings of Cadai and Cytharai to empower and protect other Heroes.
  • Change the appearance of your Sister of the Thorn through the purchasable Sister of the Thorn Cosmetic Upgrade DLC.
  • 100 Shillings Also included with your purchase.

A Bargain with Goddesses[]

Kerillian never told anyone where she’d gone, or why, but the change was obvious for all to see. She’d never been exactly ‘normal’ – elves aren’t, as a rule – but the creature that walked in through the front gate wasn’t the one who’d left. No longer wholly an elf, but not quite a dryad. Wilder and sterner all at once, and haunted in a way even Saltzpyre knew better than to mention. It wasn’t until she was alone with Sienna that Kerillian offered a glimpse of the truth. Her prayers to Lileath had gone unheeded, and so she had turned to other goddesses for aid …