Vermintide 2 Wiki



Sumertide's Rainment: Garb of a thornsister not yet claimed by winter's cold and spite. Hope remains, but for how long?

Sister of the Trickster's Wood: In Fyr Darric, the Sisters of the Thorn are embraced as priestesses of the changing seasons, and lead the forbidden dances.

Sister of the Night Glens: The thornsisters of Mordryn are even more secretive than most. Should one cross your path, be very afraid...

Sister of the Frozen Heart: In icy Atylwyth, vengeance cuts with the precision of ice, and the warmth of redemption is but a memory.

Atharti's Handmaiden: It is said that those who worship selfish Atharti do not do so out of choice, but are waylaid from other paths.



Thornmaiden's Crown: Crest of one who has been inducted into the myserious Sisterhood of Thorns. Steal at your own peril.

Thornmaven's Crown: Headgear of one whose connection with Athel Loren has deepened to the point of symbiosis. Treat them with deference, if you value your life.

Eternos Crown: Crafted from windfall from the Oak of Ages, this crown can only be donned by those fully attuned to the Weave.

Bitterbloom Circlet: Each woven strand reflects a promise broken or an oath betrayed. Should the circlet ever flower, those debts are repaid.