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The Sisters of the Thorn are renowned as the handmaidens of Ariel, the life-giving Queen of Athel Loren, but there are those among them who court darker, malevolent powers. Reborn into their mystical ranks, Kerillian engages in battle with spell-craft and javelins, drawing upon nature’s splendour to invigorate and protect her allies.

- Vermintide 2 Official Website

Sister of the Thorn
Portrait SisterOfTheThorn.png
A Cluster of Radiants
45 seconds
Hit Points

Sister of the Thorn is one of 4 Careers available to Kerillian.

It is purchased as a Premium Career, separate from Waystalker, Handmaiden, and Shade.


The Sister of the Thorn is primarily designed to not be a heavy damage dealer, but instead, she is the master of crowd control. The unique career skill ‘Thornwake’ and the passive ability called ‘A Cluster of Radiants’ creates a unique career that you will want to master.

- Vermimtide 2 Official Website

Skills and Traits[]

Ability Description
CareerSkill SisterOfTheThorn.png


Career Skill
  • Kerillian conjures a Thorn Wall that hinders enemy movement. The Thorn Wall lasts for 6 seconds.
Passive SisterOfTheThorn.png

A Cluster of Radiants

Passive Ability
  • Kerillian is granted Radiance (a free use of her career skill) every 60 seconds.
A Murder of Sprites Passive Ability
  • Kerillian deals up to 50% more damage to wounded targets depending on their remaining health.
A Sustenance of Leechlings Passive Ability
  • Whenever another party member receives temporary health while at full health, Kerillian gains temporary health instead.
An Attendance of Munificents Passive Ability
  • All healing received by the party is increased by 25%.


Melee Weapons
Dual Daggers
Dual Swords
Sword and Dagger
Elven Spear
Kerillian axe.png
Elven Axe
Ranged Weapons
Hagbane Shortbow
Kerillian Moonfire Bow.png
Moonfire Bow
Kerillian Deepwood Staff.png
Deepwood Staff
Kerillian Javelin.png
Briar Javelin


You may select one talent from each tier and change it as you please.

Level 5
Talent SisterOfTheThorn 05 01.png


Talent SisterOfTheThorn 05 02.png

Martial Blessing

Talent SisterOfTheThorn 05 03.png

Eternal Blossom

Melee critical strikes and headshots grant 2 Temporary Health. Critical headshots restores twice as much. Melee killing blows restore temporary health based on the health of the slain enemy. Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health. Removes any Wounds.
Level 10
Talent SisterOfTheThorn 10 01.png

Surge of Malice

Talent SisterOfTheThorn 10 02.png

Atharti's Delight

Talent SisterOfTheThorn 10 03.png

Briar's Malice

While above 90% health Kerillian gains 15% attack speed. Melee Strikes against Poisoned targets make them Bleed. Casting Thornwake grants Kerillian 2 guaranteed Critical Strikes.
Level 15
Talent SisterOfTheThorn 15 01.png


Talent SisterOfTheThorn 15 02.png


Talent SisterOfTheThorn 15 03.png

Enhanced Power

The first enemy hit always counts as staggered.

Deal 20% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 40% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.

Deal 40% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 60% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect. Increases total Power Level by 7.5%. This is calculated before other buffs are applied.
Level 20
Talent SisterOfTheThorn 20 01.png


Talent SisterOfTheThorn 20 02.png

Bonded Spirit

Talent SisterOfTheThorn 20 03.png

Radiant Inheritance

Radiance can stack 2 times. Reduce the Cooldown of Radiance by 50%. Taking damage increases the Cooldown by 2 seconds. Consuming Radiance grants Kerillian and nearby allies 15% Power and 5% Critical Strike Chance for 10 seconds.
Level 25
Talent SisterOfTheThorn 25 01.png

Recursive Toxins

Talent SisterOfTheThorn 25 02.png

Lingering Blackvenom

Talent SisterOfTheThorn 25 03.png


Blackvenom effects can now stack 2 times. Critical Strikes apply Blackvenom to enemies near the target. Pushing at full Stamina increase the strength and range of the push by 100%.
Level 30
Talent SisterOfTheThorn 30 01.png

Ironbark Thicket

Talent SisterOfTheThorn 30 02.png

Tanglegrasp Thicket

Talent SisterOfTheThorn 30 03.png

Blackvenom Thicket

Increases the width of the Thorn Wall and its duration to 10 seconds. Thorny vines now erupt from Kerillian and travel towards the targeted area. Enemies hit are dragged towards the target area. Thornwake instead causes roots to burst from the ground, staggering enemies and applying Blackvenom to them.


  • For her A Sustenance of Leechlings passive, the effect works if Kerillian's teammates are at full health with green permanent HP and/or temporary HP. This can make Kerillian incredibly hard to kill with teammates who can generate lots of THP quickly like Victor's Zealot career and Markus's Mercenary career.
  • Previously, the buff provided by Radiant Inheritance increased Movement Speed by 30%, Attack Speed by 20%, Power Level by 50%, Critical Strike Chance by 20%, and Critical Strike Power by 40%. Changed in update to current values.[1]

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