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Unlock Level
Battle Wizard


Maces are a melee attack weapon with a slow speed and higher offensive capabilities for breaking through armor. Using a mace allows four primary attack animations, and a primary power attack. The secondary is for blocking, and when used in conjuction with the primary attack button, shoves or quickly shoves & attacks enemies.

Primary attack[]
  1. Overhead strike
  2. Upswing Strike
  3. Side Strike
  4. Side Strike
Power attack[]
  1. Overhead strike
  2. Side Strike
  3. Side Strike
  4. Keeps Side Striking till you Pause or Block
Block Attack[]
  1. Side Strike
  2. Side Strike
  3. Side Strike
  4. Back Into Primary String

A video showing the attack pattern of Sienna's Mace

Weapon Attributes[]

High Damage, Armour Piercing, Wide Sweeps

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