Sienna's Crowbill

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Sienna Weapons Icon -Crowbill.png
90° ParryAngle3.png
Unlock Level
Unlocked by achievement
Battle Wizard

Description[edit | edit source]

A small, red hot, one-handed crowbill.. Thats on fire.. Be carefull that you don't poke an eye out!

Weapon Attributes[edit | edit source]

High Damage, Damage over Time, Wide Sweeps.

Unlock/DLC-weapon[edit | edit source]

You unlock the recipie by completing all the "Back to Ubersreik"-missions Sienna, on any difficulty. The missions are a part of the "Back to Ubersreik"-DLC.

HOWEVER, unlocking this item does not require you to own the DLC. You can either purchase the DLC yourself and host the missions OR unlock them by joining a lobby with a player who already have the DLC, and have said person host the missions and complete them with you.

After completion, claim the recipe in Okri's Challenges and it will become available to craft in the crafting menu.

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