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Shadows over Bögenhafen
Release Date
28 August 2018
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"Bögenhafen drowns in corruption. If only there were a stalwart band of heroes near at hand..."

Shadows over Bögenhafen is the first DLC for Vermintide 2, released on 28 August 2018. The campaign revolves around the Blightreaper and its effect on the town of Bögenhafen where it is hidden away.


“The Dark Gods reach out for Bögenhafen. We shall see that they are thwarted.”

The Blightreaper has come to Bögenhafen. A legendary Chaos runesword that has brought death and decay to the mercantile city - if Bögenhafen is to be saved, the Blightreaper must be seized and unmade... if such a task is even possible.

Shadows Over Bögenhafen brings new content to Vermintide 2 with the impending destruction of the city of Bögenhafen. The Heroes are tasked with investigating the source of the Nurgle infestation slowly consuming the city - starting in the disease-ridden slums, The Pit, and across the river in the Göttenplatz district.


The Campaign includes two new Missions set in Bögenhafen:

  • The Pit - Where the Heroes track down the Black Hook Gang in order to find the source of the Bögenhafen plague.
  • The Blightreaper - Where the Heroes need to find and take the Blightreaper in order to save the town of Bögenhafen.

Weekly Quests were introduced in Shadows over Bögenhafen and used to reward Bögenhafen Chests which contained new Cosmetics including Hats, Skins, Portrait Frames and weapon Illusions. Since the introduction of Lohner's Emporium of Wonders you are rewarded with Shillings instead.


The Blightreaper. Forged by renegade runesmith Grungni Ironheart, it is a blade of blackest rumour. For a thousand years, it passed from one pox-ridden warlord to another, imbuing dreams of conquest with the ebullient might of Grandfather Nurgle. From the Mountains of Mourn to the Old World’s western shores, the Blightreaper filled burial pits and fed sacrificial cauldrons. It drowned kingdoms in pestilence, and turned the blood of heroes to festering slime. With the Rotblood invasion, the cursed sword returned to the Empire and fuelled the mad ambitions of warlord Droog Warfiend. Warfiend’s recklessness saw the blade seized and sealed away... but its curse had already gripped benighted Bögenhafen. If the town is to be saved, the Blightreaper must be seized and unmade... if such a feat is even possible.
~ Olesya Pimenova