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Physical Description[]

The hammer is a standard Skull-Splitter, a gun metal anvil for the head adorned with an engraving of the Twin Tailed Comet.

Skull-Splitter and Blessed Tome
Saltzpyre Skull Splitter Blessed Tome.png
180° ParryAngle3.png
Unlock Level
Warrior Priest of Sigmar

Attack Move Description[]

Weapon Attributes[]

Wide Sweeps, Crowd Control, Armour Piercing


This weapon is awarded on purchase of the Warrior Priest of Sigmar DLC.

Text Within The Tome[]

And so it came to be that Bjorn Unberogen, tamer of the Northlands, did at last pass into Morr's keeping. Great were the lamentations that day, but they were tempered by the knowledge that the great king had passed into shadow with an axe in hand, and the blood of his enemies mantled upon his shoulders like a dread and baneful cloak.

And lo! did Sigmar, son of Bjorn, claim the crown that was his by rights. Mightily did his folk rejoice, for oft had Sigmar proven his worth by the strength of his arm and the wisdom of his brow. Yet Sigmar dreamt not of a single kingdom redeemed from barbarism, but a mighty empire that might be the light in a benighted and accursed world.

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