Saltzpyre's Rapier

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Saltz rapier icon.png
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Unlock Level
Witch Hunter Captain
Bounty Hunter

Simple Weapon used in the forge to Craft new Equipment. Can be used for self-defence in a pinch.

You can shoot the pistol sidearm by using the "weapon special" key, normally bound to the Middle Mouse.

The pistol's shot has unique properties. It consumes no Ammunition, and can be fired on a short cooldown. It deals significantly higher damage than rapier attacks whilst in melee range, but has extremely high damage falloff and becomes very weak at even medium ranges.

The pistol shot can cause friendly fire, and counts as a Ranged Attack for the Bounty Hunter's Blessed Shots Passive, but adds a melee stack to his Blessed Combat Talent.

The sidearm can be fired whilst Blocking without exposing the user, allowing one to easily deal with Berserker-type Enemies.

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