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Griffonfoot Pistols
Saltzpyre Griffonfoot Pistols.png
Unlock Level
Forgotten Relics
Witch Hunter Captain
Bounty Hunter


"The perfect, indiscriminate weapon for a one-eyed marksman" - DLC Item description.

Inspired by the popular Duckfoot Pistol, the Griffonfoot is a firearm built not for precision, but rather for hitting as many targets as possible with one single trigger pull.

Primary fire - Victor extracts and fires one pistol after the other, unleashing wide sprays of shots in a horizontal pattern.

Secondary fire - Victor hits one or more enemies with the weapon's grip, dealing light amounts of damage and pushing them back.

Weapon Attributes[]

High Damage, Rapid Fire, Versatile

This is a DLC weapon![]

You unlock it by purchasing the "Forgotten Relics"-DLC. After purchase, it will become available to craft in the crafting menu.

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