Saltzpyre's Crossbow/Illusions

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Icon Preview Name Rarity Flavour Text Obtention
Saltz xbow1 Patchwork Crossbow.png Saltz xbow1 Patchwork Crossbow preview.png Patchwork Crossbow Common It's a close thing as to whether the wielder would be better served simply hurling this weapon at the foe.
  • Default
Saltz xbow2 Templar's Crossbow.png Saltz xbow2 Templar's Crossbow preview.png Templar's Crossbow Uncommon A simple and reliable tool, borne most commonly with Witch Hunters who have no truck with finicky black powder.
Saltz xbow3 Chamberlain's Crossbow.png Saltz xbow3 Chamberlain's Crossbow preview.png Chamberlain's Crossbow Uncommon Crossbow belonging to a Witch Hunter of eminent rank. Both timber and steel have been blessed.
Saltz xbow4 Adjudicator's Crossbow.png Saltz xbow4 Adjudicator's Crossbow preview.png Adjudicator's Crossbow Uncommon Crossbow of a high-ranking Witch Hunter.
Saltz xbow5 The Marksman.png Saltz xbow5 The Marksman preview.png The Marksman Exotic A keen eye is a Witch Hunter’s greatest weapon, especially when paired with a well-crafted crossbow. There can be no escaping their combined justice.
Saltz xbow6 Quarrelsome One.png Saltz xbow6 Quarrelsome One preview.png Quarrelsome One Exotic Rumour has it that this crossbow was specifically commissioned for Victor Saltzpyre at a superior’s order. Victor refuses to speak on the matter -- little wonder, given the name’s double-meaning.
Saltz xbow7 Dunkelberg Crossbow.png Saltz xbow7 Dunkelberg Crossbow preview.png Dunkelberg Crossbow Exotic Dunkelberg is known for its crossbow-makers though not necessarily for the quality of those crossbows, which can vary wildly.
Saltz xbow8 The Vanquisher.png Saltz xbow8 The Vanquisher preview.png The Vanquisher Veteran A triumphant name for a triumphant weapon. This crossbow has felled everything from mendicants to giants, and will do so again.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Saltz xbow10 Faithflight.png Saltz xbow10 Faithflight preview.png Faithflight Veteran It is said that Sigmar himself guides bolts loosed from this weapon -- although if that be so, one can only speculate the reason behind the occasional miss. Perhaps the Heldenhammer’s omnipresence isn’t so omni as is said.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Saltz xbow8 The Vanquisher.png Saltz xbow9 Levity bog preview.png Levity Veteran A rare Witch Hunter’s joke, which Victor considers amongst the finest of jests. ‘Levity can be dangerous.’ Judging by his increasingly-weary expression, Kruber has heard it too many times.
Saltz xbow11 wom.png Saltz xbow11 wom preview.png Weave-Forged Crossbow Weave