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Brace of Pistols
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Unlock Level
Witch Hunter Captain
Bounty Hunter


"A surprising number of Witch Hunters lose eyes in the course of their duties. Few complain, claiming they see better with one eye than most men do with two. Not Gunther Schoen, who repaid his loss many times over." - One Eye's Revenge (Illusion flavour text)

Flintlock pistols are widely appreciated due to their formidable stopping power, but they come with a fair share of flaws, the most prominent one being the time required to be reloaded. In order to avoid having to deal with the complex and lengthy reloading process, most hunters carry a large number of firearms which they then proceed to fire and discard at will.

Primary fire - Victor extracts and fires one pistol after the other, dealing severe damage with each shot.

Secondary fire - Victor fires his pistols in quick succession. This type of attack greatly increases the weapon's fire rate whilst also reducing its accuracy.

Weapon Attributes[]

High Damage, Rapid Fire, Versatile

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