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Bill Hook
Saltzpyre Bill Hook.png
90° BlockAngle120.png
Unlock Level
Winds of Magic
Witch Hunter Captain
Bounty Hunter


It's a long-running joke in the Empire that Stirlanders are only fractionally brighter than the neighbouring halflings. Whether this mis-named blade is a genuine mistake - or an outsider's joke - is impossible to know.

Weapon Attributes[]

Wide Sweeps, Armour Piercing, Versatile


The light attack sequence of the Bill Hook performs poorly against hordes, so it is better to use the combo of a push attack followed by two lights, which results in two sweeps followed by a thrust. The thrust obviously performs poorly against hordes, but it is necessary to include this to avoid stamina being drained too quickly; by slightly lowering your average horde DPS you can keep up the combo for much longer.

The use of stamina in the anti-horde combo makes additional stamina on this weapon highly valuable.

This is a DLC weapon![]

You unlock it by purchasing the "Winds of Magic"-DLC and then completing the mission "Dark Omens" as Saltzpyre. After completion on any Difficulty, claim the recipe in Okri's Challenges and it will become available to craft in the Crafting menu.

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