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Axe and Falchion
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Unlock Level
Unlocked by achievement
Witch Hunter Captain
Bounty Hunter


"A balanced pair of heathen blades, now pressed to rightious work. With each strike, the abased metal finds redemption for impure origin" - Adjudicator's Twin Excoriators (Illusion flavour text)

Weapon Attributes

High Damage, Fast Attacks, Armour Piercing


You unlock the recipe by completing all the "Back to Ubersreik"-missions as Saltzpyre, on any difficulty. The missions are a part of the "Back to Ubersreik"-DLC.

You can complete the missions from "Back to Ubersreik" via quickplay or via joining a friend who launches those missions for you. If you complete the missions and take a look at challenge, you can see you have progressed. HOWEVER, if you haven't purchased the DLC, you cannot claim the recipie once it becomes available.

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