Vermintide 2 Wiki
Icon Preview Name Rarity Flavour Text Obtention
Saltz anf1 Templar's Twin Excoriators.png Saltz anf1 Templar's Twin Excoriators preview.png Templar's Twin Excoriators Common While some Witch Hunters hold ambidexterity to be proof positive of unclean obsession, most are grimly delighted to kill heretics all the faster.
Saltz anf2 Adjudicator's Twin Excoriators.png Saltz anf2 Adjudicator's Twin Excoriators preview.png Adjudicator's Twin Excoriators Uncommon A balanced pair of heathen blades , now pressed to righteous work. With each strike, the abased metal finds redemption for impure origin.
  • Complete the Challenge: An Eye for Dismemberment
Saltz anf3 Lord Ludenrecht's Flayers.png Saltz anf3 Lord Ludenrecht's Flayers preview.png Lord Ludenrecht's Flayers Veteran A veil is best drawn over what Waldo Ludenrecht did with these weapons behind closed doors, but the blades are keen.
  • Complete the Challenge: Ambidextrous Judgement
Saltz anf4 wom.png Saltz anf4 wom preview.png Weave-Forged Excoriators Weave