Vermintide 2 Wiki

Basic Information[]

Each of the Missions added in Back to Ubersreik has a puzzle which the players must solve to acquire a hidden Dwarfen Rune. Indeed these Runes are the entire plot reason for the DLC occurring in the first place. Once these Runes are acquired, they are carved into the Dwarfen Lodestone in Taal's Horn Keep by Olesya Pimenova. After all three are acquired, the player can interact with the Lodestone to launch the hidden Mission, Fortunes of War.

  • Runes can be gathered on any Difficulty, and once Fortunes of War is unlocked it can also be launched on any Difficulty.
  • All of the puzzles can be completed by a single player. Some require carrying items through long stretches of the map, so having other players willing to cover the carrier will significantly speed things up.
  • Runes do not need to be transcribed by each individual player. As long as one player completes the puzzle and transcribes the Rune, all players in the team will be granted the Rune upon completing the Mission.

The Horn of Magnus[]

The Rune is located in a chamber on the stairs leading up to the Inn right after the players leave the Jungfreud Platz. Looking through a gate here, 10 candles are visible of which 5 are lit. From left to right, the lit candles are numbers 2, 4, 5, 7, and 10. This is a clue to the puzzle players must solve throughout the Mission.

There are 10 Suspicious Bricks which have been added to the Mission. Players must press the bricks corresponding to the lit candles. Pressing a single incorrect brick at any time will void the puzzle and require a new run of the Mission to complete. To simplify things, only the correct bricks will be listed here.


1. The first brick you need is located early on, before entering the garrison. Instead of heading up the stairs, turn right and look for a suspicious brick hidden behind a crate against the wall to your right.

HoM Brick1 Direction.jpg HoM Brick1 Crates.jpg HoM Brick1.jpg

2. After heading through the pig pens, you will reach a small bridge, then a gate into the next street with a wagon alongside it. The brick you need is hidden behind the crates to the left of the wagon, if you are facing the gate. You may have to jump on top of the crates to reach it.

HoM Brick2 Wagon.jpg HoM Brick2.jpg

3. Instead of heading through the gate, turn right, into the back alleys. Turn left and follow the alleys until you find a cellar door. Head down into the cellar, and turn right into a small, semi-hidden alcove. The next brick is located at floor level in the back (This is where a Tome was located in Vermintide 1).

HoM Brick3 Cellar.jpg HoM Brick3.jpg

4. Once you reach the Jungfreud Platz, turn left and jump onto some raised crates, then across a wooden beam and onto a nearby roof. Jump around the corner, then carefully drop down from this stone platform onto a small stone ledge, with a Tome. Behind it is the brick you need.

HoM Brick4 Puzzle.jpg HoM Brick4.jpg

5. The final brick you need is hidden in the inn after the Jungfreud Platz, just after passing up the stairs past the Rune chamber. Once you enter the inn, look for the brick on a pillar behind the bar.

HoM Brick5 Bar.jpg HoM Brick5.jpg

Once all five correct bricks have been pressed, you will hear a message from Olesya, telling the players that something has changed. Head back out of the inn and down the stairs. Turn right after going down a level, then head into the now-unlocked rune chamber at the end. Transcribe the rune by interacting with it and then finish the Mission as normal to unlock the first Rune.

HoM Candles.jpg HoM Rune.jpg

Garden of Morr[]

Once the players reach the main open graveyard area (after receiving the objective: "Find the source of the green poison"), clear this section of enemies. Look at the crypts on the left, and locate a pedestal with a stone Strange Skull on top of it. You should be prompted to interact with this Skull (although it will NOT receive the white outline that other usable objects normally get). You will get a message from Olesya once you interact with it, telling you that you're on the right track.

GoM Strange Skull.jpg

This next section does have a time limit, although it is quite lenient. You must find and light 4 Candles in the immediate area to open the door to the crypt. If you fail to light all four in time, the candles will blow out and you will have to start again.

1. To find the first Candle, head behind the crypt with the Skull, and turn left. It is in a small courtyard here, on top of a headstone.

2. Head to the back wall and jump over it. Just past here on your right should be another Candle on top of a headstone.

3. Use the nearby cart to jump over the graveyard fence. Head towards the pillar in front of you, the Candle should be located on the edge of it.

4 Head back into the main open graveyard area. Run toward the back, nearby but just past the crypt, and find another pillar. The final Candle is located on the back side of this pillar.

GoM Candles All Highlighted.jpg GoM Candles All Closeup.jpg

Once all the Candles are lit, the crypt will open and reveal an empty tomb with a broken Gargoyle Head inside. Now comes the carrying section. This Gargoyle Head must be carried through just about the entire Mission. It does not matter who carries the Gargoyle Head and it need not be the same player all the way. It can safely be dropped in order to fight Hordes, Specials or Monsters. Do not lose the head or lose track of where it has been thrown however. It is preferable for one player to focus on keeping track of the Gargoyle Head.

GoM Gargoyle Head.jpg

Play through the Mission as usual, at least until reaching the stairs up towards the final cauldron event, but do not drop down into the poisoned cauldron room. On the level before the final stairs up to the event drop, look around and find a series of windows on your right. Drop down here onto a stone platform, at the end of which will be a headless gargoyle (whose missing head will be highlighted if someone is carrying the Gargoyle Head). Throw the head into place, and you will again receive a message from Olesya.

GoM Levels.jpg GoM Ladder.jpg GoM Gargoyle Statue.jpg

Turn back around and drop down off this ledge to a lower level, and the Rune chamber will have opened behind you. Transcribe the Rune, head back up the ladder, finish the cauldron event and complete the map to receive unlock the second Rune.

GoM Entrance.jpg GoM Rune.jpg

Engines of War[]

This Rune puzzle requires at least one section to be done by the host, so make sure the host knows this.

After entering the first cave section, keep to the left, to find a semi-hidden passage that leads out to an open area with a Chest. Turn around, jump up the rocks at the end of the area, to reach a hidden area above the doorway you came in through, and find a Torch. Olesya will comment at this point. Pick up the Torch, and carry it through the Mission.

EoW Cave Passage.jpg EoW Dead End.jpg EoW Torch.jpg

You will not have to carry the Torch as far as the Gargoyle Head. Once you reach the bridge over the canyon, head up through the forest until you come to the log you have to pass through. Instead of going through, turn right. There will be a felled log here, jump on top of it, then hop over onto the war banner. From here, hop to the left onto a ledge and follow it around into the tower (this is also the path to the Grimoire).

EoW Tower Jump.jpg

Inside the tower is a fireplace. The host must take the Torch and throw it into the fireplace by dropping it, i.e. switching weapons with it equipped. This will illuminate the room. Opposite the fireplace is a table with three models on it. Take note of the models and remember the order in which they appear, left to right. This is the solution to the next part of the puzzle and is random each run. Take a screenshot if you need to, but try not to block the light, so the models are visible.

EoW Tower Interior.jpg EoW Fireplace.jpg EoW Table.jpg

Play through the Doomwheel event as usual, and out through the courtyards, until you are about to leave the courtyard area and head down toward the river. Just before the final archway out of the courtyard, turn back, and look for vines growing out of the wall. Leap onto these vines, follow them across and then hop over a couple of ledges to an upper level (this is also the path to the last Tome). At the end here will be 5 statues, 3 of which match the models on the table you saw earlier. Interact with the skulls on the bases of these statues one by one, according to the order of the models on the table earlier.

EoW Vines Jump.jpg EoW Statues.jpg

Once you interact with the third, Olesya will react, and the stone wall next to the tome will open. The Rune chamber is just inside. Again simply transcribe the rune, then head back out and finish the Mission as normal to retrieve the third and final Rune.

EoW Entrance.jpg EoW Rune.jpg


There is a bug at the five statues: Olesya may play a voice line stating that your answer was wrong. As long as the wall opens, just ignore her.

The runes used in The Horn of Magnus and Engines of War are currently the same. The three correct runes can be seen on Fortunes of War however.