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Arena Event[]

The event consists of timed waves of Infantry with a couple of Elites (not Chaos Warriors), alternating between Rotbloods and Skaven. Keep watch for Specials, as they still spawn during the event. The Rotbloods come from two entrances at opposite sides of the arena, while the Skaven drop down from windows on the second floor, which are all around the arena. This makes creating a bottleneck difficult, and during the first period of the holdout its best to either kite groups of enemies in the middle of the arena or stay in one of the corners at either side of the stairways leading up to the portcullis (beware of Globadiers if choosing the second strategy). As two portcullis need to be lowered in sequence, players are able to enter the chamber of the elevator halfway throughout the event. There is an ammo crate here, and the stairways leading up to the chamber create a choke which is easier to hold. After the second portcullis is down, the waves stop and the players can take the elevator up. However, as it is relatively save (only Specials will spawn for a while), players are advised to take this time to get any pickups left in the arena.


The finale is another holdout event. However, in contrary to the arena event, waves do not spawn in time but when the previous wave is defeated. Waves again consist of either Skaven or Rotblood Infantry mixed with some Elites, and Specials still spawn during the event. Enemies appear from the balconies of the temple and through holes and crevice in the walls. The best strategy is to stick to the galleries at either side of the temple: this prevents enemies from landing on top of the players and allows for a clear view of most of the arena. Let one or two players guard the holes along the gallery from which Skaven can spawn and have at least one player carry a sniper weapon to take out ranged Elites. Once you hear the sound queue of the Hammer of Sigmar almost exploding, simply keep your guard up as the explosion will wipe out all remaining enemies.


  • Due to the nature of the finale, it is possible to get stuck there when running into the Temple and activating the bell with a large number of enemies still in the map (when speedrunning for example). As the maximum number of enemies might already be on the map, this will cause no enemies to spawn in the event, making progressing impossible.