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Quick Reference[]

  • Tome 1: Woodworker's Guild - Cart on left before first dropoff
  • Grimoire 1: Bastion Entrance - Drop through last hole on the right
  • Tome 2: Southern Axe Bite Garrison - Drop through corner hole in the gatehouse
  • Grimoire 2: Norther Axe Bite Garrision/Northern Redoubt - Hop along final wall over the door
  • Tome 3: Heldenhammer Terrace - Cleft in rock before temple

Tome 1[]

When coming up the curving stone ramp in the Woodcutter's Guild, before taking the drop to the Arena event, turn left. There you will find a cart loaded with some barrels and crates. The first Tome is in one of the crates on top.

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Grimoire 1[]

After taking the elevator from the arena to the Kreigsheim Barracks, head right and follow the wall until you see a broken bed on your left. The first Grimoire is in a box on top of the stack of crates standing against the wall. You may be able to jump onto the broken bed and grab it with a well timed jump, or you can either drop in from a hole next to the Explosive Barrel (in front of the door to the next area) upstairs. Fall through the hole facing forward and slightly left to land on a crate, then jump onto another crate pile next to a pillar, than jump to the little stair of crates that is flush with the wall.

Since mapchange, the bed does not lead to the Grimoire anymore, the player is now forced to jump down the hole to get to the Grimoire.

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Tome 2[]

After the Southern Axe Bite Garrison, in the next room, climb the stairs to the second floor to proceed. Go to the back corner of the top floor and drop down to find the second Tome in a crate.

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Grimoire 2[]

Just before the Northern Axe Bite Garrison foothold, there is another two story gatehouse which you enter from the second floor. Head out the Door on the other side and turn right to find three protruding beams just above the main gate. Jump across (you can also use the gate doors) and make a tricky jump onto the ledge of a boarded-up window.

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Entering the bastion through the window, hit the Lever on the other side of the room to lower the ladder outside the window next to the lever.

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Jump onto the ladder and climb to the top of the scaffolding where you will find the second Grimoire in a crate.

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Tome 3[]

In the meadow of the Heldenhammer Terrace, just before going up the stairs to the temple entrance, look in the left corner to find some shrubbery between two trees. There is a hidden path behind the shrubbery that will lead you to the third Tome.

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