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Righteous Stand
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Main Mission
Helmgart Act 1
Convocation of Decay
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Listen, Olesya's got a good shot at gaining some proper information about the Skittergate. She's going into Helmgart, and so are you. Difference is, she'll be sneaky, and you'll be loud. Provide a distraction by ringing the bells at the Temple of Sigmar. Let's allow the old woman to work in peace, eh?
~ Franz Lohner

I need a distraction, and you're just the fellows to make it for me. Ring out them bells, as me mother used to say. The bells in question are in Helmgart's Temple of Sigmar. Give 'em a good clatter and you'll draw every eye and blade for miles around. Why, you ask? Our friendly, neighborhood magic spy, Olesya, needs to gather vital intelligence on the Skittergate. Figure you could help her out.
~ Franz Lohner


The Heroes travel through Helmgart, which has been invaded by the combined forces of the Skaven and the Rotblood Tribe. They make their way through the town and over the city walls towards the Temple of Sigmar. Their goal is to ring the Bell inside the temple in order to create a distraction for Olesya.

Arena Event[]

At the training yard, the heroes must raise two portcullises with a Chain Winch in order to progress. Activating the winch will cause Enemies to attack until the second portcullis is raised. Once both are raised, the heroes can progress to the elevator and up to the city wall.


Within the Temple of Sigmar, the heroes will find a large bell. Ringing it causes the temple doors to close and enemy waves to spawn. The statue of Sigmar inside the temple will slowly rise, until the Hammer creates a magic energy blast that destroys all the surviving enemies. The players can then progress down a spiral staircase to the Bridge of Shadows. This event is kill-dependent, meaning the faster the heroes clear the waves, the faster the event finishes.


That was a fair old racket, heroic ones, and by Ursun, it actually worked! Hardly saw a twitching tail or a beady eye. Well, except for all the busy ones around the Skittergate. Busy, busy little rats... So busy I could easily glean some useful information. Yes, crucial information! The Skittergate will be up again, sooner or later, but first, only at minimal capacity. This is when I will go through it. Well, not me personally of course, but, I have my methods. When in Norsca, I will take good look around and see what I can come up with. And yes, I have established a secure path for me to get back down there, but should it be compromised, I might need another distraction or two from you lot.
~ Olesya Pimenova


  • Helmgart Military Quarters: the ward where the heroes begin.
  • Stiefelplatz: area with some burning hay chariots ("Boots-square" in German).
  • Woodworker's Guild: area where some workshops can be entered.
  • Franz Erikson Platz: area with a dry fountain, merchant stalls and a mounting ramp where a Horde or Boss usually spawn..
  • Bowman Garrison: the arena-looking ward, with archery targets and the portcullis that triggers the arena event.
  • Bastion Entrance: reached by riding the elevator, includes the small room at the other end of it.
  • Kreigsheim Barracks: barracks including the bedbunks and some slaughtered guards. ("Home of Kreig" in German, maybe a typo from "Kriegsheim", "Home of war").
  • Bastion Entrance: area above the Barracks, with stone stairs leading to the next area.
  • Southern Axe Bite Garrison: area including one length of the top of a wall, and one tower.
  • Gatehouse Ward: area of the locked door, the cannon and the treadwheel crane to lift it.
  • Northern Axe Bite Garrison: area with one length of wall, two towers, and a crane holding a platform with a crate of ammo on it.
  • Northern Redoubt: last portion of wall that you have to drop off to go to the temple.
  • Heldenhammer Terrace: grassy part with some trees and a statue.
  • Temple to Sigmar: area of the finale, with a massive statue of Sigmar at its center.


  1. Reach the Temple
  2. Open the Portcullis
  3. Survive Until the Gate Opens
  4. Ride the Lifting Platform
  5. Reach the Battlement
  6. Continue Along the Wall
  7. Get Past the Gate
  8. Continue Along the Wall
  9. Enter the Temple
  10. Ring the Bell
  11. Survive!
  12. Escape Through the Bridge of Shadows


  • In the beta this map was called "Seeds of Corruption"
  • The Franz Erikson Platz in front of the arena is named in reference to Franz Erikson, leader of the Helmgart Bowmen in the 1998 videogame Warhammer: Dark Omen.
  • The Statue of Sigmar in the temple is the same you can get in your Keep with the Collector's Edition.
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