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Ratling Gunner
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Skaven.jpg Skaven
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Fires long-range barrage of bullets.
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Cata 2
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The Ratling Gunner is a type of Skaven Special in Vermintide 2.

Also known as a "Gun Rat", the Ratling Gunner is a armoured blackfur Skaven with a large gatling gun (called a Ratling gun) and an ammo supply on his back. He fires Warpstone ammunition in rapid volleys, which can pin down Heroes and deal extreme damage if allowed to keep firing.


The Ratling Gun is a six-barreled, rapid-fire machine gun, powered by warp steam and operated with a hand crank. On the battlefield, they are normally operated by a Clan Skryre weapons team, but lighter, experimental versions have been sighted in the Reikland, crewed only by a single ratman.

Encumbered by his weapon, the Ratling Gunner is slow and vulnerable, but once he begins to fire, he deals devastating damage and is almost impossible to approach. Such gunners are known for their single-mindedness. Having chosen a target, they track it continually, firing relentlessly until either the weapon jams, needs to reload, or the victim lies shredded beyond recognition. Ratling Gunners show no regard for their comrades, indiscriminately firing on anything that gets between them and their target.


  • The Ratling Gunner, unlike the Warpfire Thrower, is capable of firing at long range, but is highly inaccurate except at medium-to-close range.
  • The Gunner will cease firing periodically to reload or un-jam his weapon. Use these openings to shoot him with ranged weapons, or approach and stagger him.
  • The Ratling Gunner will focus his fire on a single Hero, leaving him vulnerable to approach from other angles. If you are targeted, seek cover. If you are not targeted, flank and kill the Gunner.
  • A firing Gunner will only turn at half its normal speed. If you are close enough, this allows you to strafe around the Gunner and outflank him, even when he is targeting you.
  • The Ratling Gunner's bullets can harm his allies. With careful positioning, this can be used to deal great damage to an oncoming horde.
  • If you are under fire by a Ratling Gunner, it's often best to wait until his weapon stops firing before attempting to kill it off at range, as each hit you take while aiming will throw off your shot.
  • Bardin Goreksson (except for the Slayer career) and Markus Kruber can use any weapon paired with a shield to completely block the Ratling Gunner's fire at very little stamina cost.
  • Once spotted, a lone Ratling Gunner is often very easily dealt with using an accurate ranged weapon such as the Crossbow or the Handgun.
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