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The Rat Ogre is a type of Skaven Monster in Vermintide 2.

Rat Ogres are the pinnacle of experiments performed by Clan Moulder. These muscular brutes tower above any other Skaven and use raw force to pummel their opponents. Ogres are made by putting together parts of multiple rats, which can be seen from the stitches covering its body.


Few Enemies are as terrifying or as dangerous as Clan Moulder’s Rat Ogres. Though their precise provenance is clouded by history and the shrouded nature of Skaven society, it is clear that the brutes are well-named, melding a rat’s ferocity and cunning with the bullish, lumbering might of an Ogre. Doubtless the breeders of Clan Moulder have made many other ‘improvements’ beyond the obvious, but proximity to such a beast encourages the broadest and swiftest of analyses if one is to survive.

Veterans of Skaven conflicts know too well not to underestimate a Rat Ogre’s strength and speed. They are rapacious and unstoppable, covering ground with great speed and undaunted by all but the most serious of wounds. Many a triumph has been cut short by the pounding of a Rat Ogre’s fists, the jellied pulp that remains after such a blow serving little purpose save as fodder for the beast’s prodigious appetites. Those same veterans, therefore, take care to hunt a Rat Ogre only when well-prepared to do so, lest they join the roster of its victims.


The Rat Ogre has 4 attacks, all of which hit all targets in front of the ogre. Standing near the ogre's target can cause a player to be hit even if the ogre was targeting someone else.


The ogre winds up his left or right arm and hits the player, knocking them back a significant distance. The damage from the attack can be negated by Blocking, at the cost of all of a players Stamina. After successfully knocking a player away, the ogre will usually change targets.


The ogre raises one or both of his fists and hits downwards, doing significant damage to any targets in front of the ogre. This attack cannot be blocked, so players must Dodge out of the way to avoid taking damage.

Triple Hit[]

Three rapid hits aimed at a player while advancing. Each hit can be blocked.


The Ogre leaps through the air from a formidable distance, targeting a Hero's current position and knocking every hero in the vicinity back upon landing.


  • All of the Rat Ogre's attacks can be dodged, although this can be tricky due to its high movement speed.
  • The Triple Hit is the only attack which can be blocked without taking damage or being thrown away.
  • The Rat Ogre's attacks have a short range and will mainly focus on one Hero, but can still hit any other Hero in its path.
  • If targeted, make sure to move away from your party, so his attacks will not also hit your allies. However, be sure to avoid any dead drops lest you find yourself knocked into a fatal fall.
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