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Uses magic and teleports. Has a mount Deathrattler
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Rasknitt is a Skaven Grey Seer, previously known as "The White Rat", and the main antagonist of the Vermintide-series. In Vermintide 2, he is encountered first during the prologue, where he meets with the other enemy leaders and he is the final boss at the end of The Skittergate. He is a powerful magic user and as cunning as Skaven come.

Rasknitt wears blue-grey robes and had a skull-helmet made from an unknown animal, called the Helm of the Thirteenth Seer. Dark magic lingers about this ancient helm, and chittering voices whisper advice. It seems no wonder Raksnitt went mad.


Vermintide 1[]

Clan Fester was an old Skaven clan, which contracted the Brood Blight, a serious epidemic which stopped their breeders from spawning new ratkin. In these desperate times appeared Rasknitt, who promised a cure for the Brood Blight in exchange for enough forces to capture Ubersreik. He was installed as Grey Seer of Clan Fester, and an invasion of Ubersreik commenced. Though the Skaven were successful at first, their plans were twarthed by five Heroes, who ultimately defeated the Warlord of Clan Fester and cornered Rasknitt in his den. Here Rasknitt foothold is literally blown away and he falls into oblivion. He survives his defeat, however, and turns his attention towards new allies. He blames his defeat in Ubersreik on the old Warlord and, using incredible Warpstone technology, starts building a portal which lets whole armies cross vast distances instantly: the Skittergate. Rasknitt tries to have the Heroes killed in their tavern in Ubersreik, but when this plan fails and the Heroes find him and his portal, he reveals that this has been his plan all along and drops the Heroes into the portal.

Vermintide 2[]

Using the Skittergate based underneath Helmgart, Rasknitt manages bring forces of Rotblood Tribe in Norsca to Helmgart. However, the Warpstone magic powering the Skittergate is fickle, and during the escape of the Heroes from the clutches of the Skaven, the portal malfunctions again and construction resumes, delaying a full-scale invasion of Reikland, much to the discontent of his new Chaos allies Bödvarr Ribspreader and Burblespue Halescourge. As the attack on Helmgart commences with Chaos forces joining the Skaven, Rasknitt turns to reparing the Skittergate.


Rasnkitt will utilise Deathrattler as a mount during fighting. When Rasknitt rides Deathrattler, he uses a magic shield to negate all damage done to him. He can be damaged normally after dismounting. Once on foot he does not engage in melee, only using warp magic.

Lightning Flurry[]

Rasknit raises his right arm and shoots three blasts of green lightning at a single player. The bolts can slightly home in on the player and explode on impact, hurting teammates near the player. The damage cannot be blocked.

Lighting Pillar[]

Rasknit either raises both arms or moves his left arm in a high sweeping motion, and shoots a green lightning pillar towards a single player. The pillar moves quickly across the arena in a straight line, but can be dodged. Getting hit by the pillar causes significant damage over time.

Additional Mechanics[]

When dismounted, Rasknitt will start teleporting across the arena, usually putting himself in one of the four corners. When approached and attacked by a hero, he will quickly try to disengage and teleport again, which knocks the player back and damages the player. The damage can be negated by blocking.


  • It is advisable to first kill Deathrattler before focusing Rasknitt, see his page for strategies on defeating him.
  • If you focus on Rasknitt, keep track of Deathrattler's bullet storms.
  • Skaven Infantry and Stormvermin will periodically spawn and drop into the arena from the sides, mostly next to the exit gate of the area and close to the Skittergate, so crowd control is a must.
  • Once Deathrattler is defeated, the team ought to focus on bursting down Rasnkitt together as fast as possible, as any stagger will make it harder for him to disengage and teleport across the arena.
  • Before his death, Rasknitt will quickly teleport all across the arena with bursts of lightning. Keep your block up, as you might be damaged by this.
  • Rasknitt's teleportation follows a predictable cycle. We will label his initial corner at the start of the fight (the corner where he taunts the players and summons deathrattler) corner 1, and proceeding around the corners clockwise corners 2, 3, and 4. Once deathrattler is killed, Rasknitt will immediately teleport to corner 3, and then proceed in a cycle through corners 4, 2, 1, and back to 3. When a player approaches and staggers him Rasknitt will teleport away from his current corner and on to the next corner in the order. If you are having trouble visualising this, here's a guide from partyknife on the subject that shows it more clearly
  • Its advisable for the players to take position in two teams of two on each long edge of the arena. Attacking or staggering Rasknitt will cancel his attack cycle trigger his teleport animation. Once he teleports away from a team of two, they should move along the long edge of the arena and they will arrive at the corner just in time for Rasknitt to teleport right in front of them. With practice its possible for four players to greatly reduce the amount of damage he deals during fight, and deal damage at double the rate caused by the other popular strategy, which is for each player to camp one of the four corners. Also, by having players in teams of two, if one player goes down to an unlucky hit, they have an ally to revive them with a moment's notice.


Trigger Quote Audio
Intro monologue Hah! Sabotage by runaway hero-things!? You escape-fled - but now return to roost? Good! First, hate-kill no-furs, then calm Skittergate!
Taunting during fight Let me introduce my steed, no-furs. Meet Deathrattler, soon-soon to feast-gnaw on your bullet ridden bodies!
Hahaha! Gaze at your death! Deathrattler, and from up here, you look even more puny and pathetic!
Your puny weapons are no match for my magic!
Yes-yes, big-strong and eager to shred your no-fur meat! Kneel before Deathrattler, hero-fools!
Hahaha! Meet Deathrattler. We shall teach your vastly inferior minds a scathing lesson in violence!
Fools! I am invincible!
Being hurt Uagh! Insolent no-furs! Deathrattler! Shoot, kill, maim!
Lucky no-furs scored lucky hits on Stormfiend? No-furs live-breath another minute, that's all.
Reuniting with Deathrattler Get back here, dull-witted beast! Quick-now!
To me, beast! To your formidable master! We have death-pain to bring!
Casting magic Warp Lightning!
Fry-fry no-fur skin to crisp!
Crackling death, warp and sear!
Fry-fry, die-die, scorch the flesh!
Teleporting Not so close-close, no-fur!
Ow! Away! hah!
Summoning troops Drown in Vermintide!
Greet-meet my tide, no-fur scum!
The tide! The tide! Drown-die!
The tide comes! Bite-gnaw!
Deathrattler death Haven't you learned, slug-brained hero-things? Great Rasknitt ever-always gets back up!
Near death Nyahahahah! Fools! Mole-sniffing no-furs! Great Rasknitt shall rule forever! Mighty Rasknitt cannot die!


  • Rasknitt is voiced by Andreas Rylander.
  • Before Vermintide 2, Rasknitt was only known to the player as "The Grey Seer".
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