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Rangers forsake the dark comfort of hearth and hold, roaming far and wide to vanquish foes far from the walls of their homes. They seldom receive proper appreciation from their dwarfen brethren and are all too often viewed as eccentric, or even wits-addled. Nonetheless, they are vital to a hold’s ongoing defence, hardened as they are by the harsh environments of the surface world, and accomplished in the arts of tracking and ambush.

Bardin’s experiences in Ubersreik have honed his skills to that of a Ranger Veteran. Steady of hand and keen of eye, he adapts swiftly to the horrors vomited forth from the shadows and battles implacably until they breathe no more. The search for Karak Zorn still weighs heavy upon Bardin, but the Reikland’s perils compel him to attend to more urgent matters.

In battle, Bardin the Ranger favours a head-on approach, using his arsenal of ranged weapons to punish the foe from afar. Yet he is no stranger to the press of melee. Should the need arise, dwarfen steel will punish those enemies foolish enough to stray within Bardin’s reach. Maybe not with the same flourish as Cousin Okri, but near enough to count.
- Vermintide 2 Official Website

Ranger Veteran
Portrait bardin veteranranger.png
Hit Points

Ranger Veteran is one of the three Careers from which Bardin Goreksson can choose.

This career is the first one available, while Ironbreaker and Slayer are unlocked at level 7 and level 12 respectively.

The fourth Premium Career, Outcast Engineer is purchased separately.


Still searching for his lost dwarfen hold and facing dangers with boisterous merriment, Bardin Goreksson has through his adventures in Ubersreik become a Ranger Veteran.

In battle, he is a dead-eye shot with a multitude of Ranged Weapons, and more than capable of sending limbs flying or pulverising skulls in melee should the need arise. The Ranger Veteran wreaks havoc on any battlefield.

Skills and Traits[]

Ability Description
Ranger veteran disengage.jpg


Career Skill

  • Bardin deploys a smoke bomb for 10 seconds that conceals him from Enemies whilst he stays inside the cloud. Also gains 50% increased range attack power while concealed.
  • Smoke bomb Staggers enemies around him.
Ranger veteran survivalist.jpg


Passive Ability

  • Specials drop Ammunition pickups on death that restore 10% of maximum ammo when picked up.
Loaded for Battle

Passive Ability

  • Increases ammo capacity by 50%.
Fast Hands

Passive Ability

  • Increases reload speed by 15%.
Ingenious Improvisation

Passive Ability


Melee Weapons
Bardin hammer.png
Great Hammer
Bardin greataxe.png
Great Axe
Bardin axe.png
Bardin weapon Hammer.png
Pickaxe icon.png
War Pick
Shield axe.png
Axe and Shield
Hammer shield icon.png
Hammer and Shield
Bardin dual hammers.png
Dual Hammers
Ranged Weapons
Bardin weapon ranged crossbow.png
Bardin handgun icon.png
Grudge raker.png
Bardin Throwing Axes.png
Throwing Axes
Masterwork Pistol


You may select one talent from each tier and change them freely in Taal's Horn Keep.

Level 5

Roots Running Deep


Ranger Reaper


Hardy Heart

Staggering an enemy with a melee Attack grants Temporary Health. Health gained is based on the strength of the stagger. Striking multiple enemies in one swing grants temporary health based on the number of targets hit. Max 5 enemies. Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health. Removes any Wounds.
Level 10

Last Resort


Master of Improvisation



Bardin gains a 25% Power increase when out of ammunition. Reloading a weapon reduces the cooldown of Disengage by 2 seconds. Increases attack speed by 5%.
Level 15





Enhanced Power

Enemies that you stagger take 10% more damage from melee attacks for 5 seconds.

Deal 20% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 40% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.

Deal 40% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 60% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect. Increases total Power Level by 7.5%. This is calculated before other buffs are applied.
Level 20

Field Rations


Grugni’s Cunning



Killing a special grants 50% chance to drop a bottle of ale. Ale grants 3% attack speed and reduced damage taken by 4% for 5 minutes when consumed. Can stack 3 times. Increases ammunition restored by Survivalist caches to 30%. Killing a special has a 20% chance to drop a Potion or Bomb instead of a Survivalist cache.
Level 25

No Dawdling!




Firing Fury

Increases movement speed by 10%. Bardin takes 30% less damage from behind. Headshots grant this bonus to all damage for 5 seconds. Hitting 2 enemies with one ranged attack increases speed of Bardin's next reload by 35%.
Level 30

Exhilarating Vapours


Surprise Guest


Ranger’s Parting Gift

Allies inside Bardin's smoke gain 8% attack speed and generate 3 temporary health every second. Disengage's stealth does not break on moving beyond the smoke cloud. Activating Disengage causes the next bomb Bardin throws within the duration of the ability to not be consumed.

Promotional Art[]

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Career ranger veteran 01.jpg Career ranger veteran 02.jpg

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