Vermintide 2 Wiki

Properties are statistical bonuses that apply to Equipment of green or higher Rarity. The value of the property is set at random within a certain range of values when it is unboxed from a Loot Box, crafted, or re-rolled.


Ranged and Melee weapon properties only apply to the weapon they are on. Properties can be re-rolled in the Crafting menu, which will yield random properties with random values. Red items will always have maximum values on properties, even after being re-rolled.

Property Value Melee Ranged Necklace Charm Trinket
Attack Speed +2%-5%
Crit Chance +3%-5%
Crit Power +10-20%
Stamina +1.0-2.0
Block Cost Reduction +10-30%
Push/Block Angle +10%-30%
Damage Reduction vs Skaven +5%-10% ✔1
Damage Reduction vs Chaos +5%-10% ✔1
Damage Reduction vs Area of Effect +5%-10%
Health +10%-20%
Power vs Skaven +5%-10% ✔1 1
Power vs Chaos +5%-10% ✔1 1
Power vs Infantry +5%-10%
Power vs Armoured +5%-10%
Power vs Berserkers +5%-10%
Power vs Monsters +5%-10%
Curse Resistance +11%-33%
Movement Speed +5%
Cooldown Reduction +5%-10%
Respawn Speed +10%-30%
Revive Speed +10%-30%
Stamina Recovery +10%-30%

1 Weapons cannot roll Power vs Chaos and Skaven at the same time.


  • Properties on weapons apply their bonus if and only if the weapon is currently being wielded. Consequently, the Power vs. bonus applies to all damage from the player as long as the weapon with that property is wielded. Consider, for instance, if the player had a Damage over Time weapon such as the Hagbane Shortbow with no properties and a melee weapon with a Power vs. Chaos property. If the player were to hit a Chaos enemy with the Hagbane, the subsequent DoT would not benefit from the Power vs. property while the Hagbane is still equipped. However, if the player switches to their melee weapon, the remaining ticks of Hagbane's DoT will benefit from the property.
  • While aiming Projectile Career Abilities, the player is considered to have neither their melee nor ranged weapon equipped, so the abilities do not benefit from properties of either weapon at the moment of launch. However, if the projectile has a long enough travel time, the player can have enough time to equip their weapon again, allowing the ability to benefit from the Power vs. property.