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There are a number of ways in which the player progresses through the game. As you play Missions you will acquire Experience Points (XP) and level up the Hero you played with. With higher hero levels you unlock new Careers and Talents. Additionally, you will also receive Loot Boxes which can be opened to obtain Equipment. By equipping these items, you can raise your Hero Power, which increases the damage you do and unlock higher Difficulties.


At the end of a mission (whether the party was victorious or defeated), the players gain XP for the hero they played. The amount of XP depends on the following:

  • How far the heroes got in the mission
  • The number of players still alive (if victorious)
  • The number of Tomes and Grimoires collected

Leveling a hero unlocks new careers for that hero, and talents for the career that was played. It is not necessary to level each career individually, as XP the level is shared across careers per Hero. The maximum level for each hero is 35, after which levels can still be gained (shown as [35 + x] in the player's experience bar). Each additional level does reward a Commendation Chest, but does not increase hero power (see below).


The first career of each hero is playable at level 1. To access the remaining other careers, the hero needs to gain XP and reach level 7 and 12 respectively. The fourth slot is for Premium Careers which are sold separately.


A character periodically gains the ability to Craft specific Weapons after leveling up.

Hero Power[]

Hero power is calculated using the hero's level and gear. Each level adds 10 points, and this is added to the total power level of their equipped items divided by 5. The maximum hero power is 650.


A new tier of Talents is unlocked every 5 levels; at level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. Each tier grants 3 talents, however, only one talent from each tier can be active at a time. Players can switch talents any time they are in the Keep.

Usually, level 20 talents affect a career's Passive Ability, and Level 30 talents affect the career's Career Ability.


Difficulties are unlocked based on the hero power of a character.

Difficulty Minimum Hero Power
Recruit 12
Veteran 115
Champion 215
Legend 415


You can view a list of achievements Here.

Quests and Challenges[]

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