Poison Wind Globadier

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Poison Wind Globadier
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Skaven.jpg Skaven
Armour Class
Weak Spots
Unique Traits
Throws gas bombs.
Hit Points
Cata 2
Cata 3

The Poison Wind Globadier is a type of Skaven Special in Vermintide 2.

Also known as "Gas Rat", the Globadier wears a gas mask and caries a large supply of highly toxic Warpstone-based gas on its back. It uses this supply to fill glass baubles with gas and throw these at the Heroes, dealing damage on impact and creating a toxic cloud which lasts several seconds.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tattered robes and ramshackle gas masks grant Poison Wind Globadiers a sinister silhouette. This is a harbinger well-deserved, as are the rasp of rotting lungs and the acrid stench of warp-gas that sours the air about them. Each of a globadier’s gas spheres swirls with tendrils of a lurid, poisonous gas. Upon impact, the globe shatters, releasing a cloud of toxic fumes that eats away at flesh and armour alike. Those caught within the cloud approach their last, panicked moments. Eyes weeping and lungs burning, they must fight their way clear before the poison takes hold.

Globadiers care nothing for the lives of their fellow skaven, and will happily slaughter dozens of their own kind to fell a single foe. Life is cheap in the Under-Empire, and victory forgives all.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Globadiers throw two gas globes in quick succession, aiming at the location of one of the Heroes. The arch of the globes can be big, so Globadiers can often hit the party even when standing underneath a cliff or behind a wall.
  • As Globadiers can completely deny access to an area, it is highly advisable the party always keep an escape route at hand when fighting hordes. A back alley may seem nice to deal with hundreds of Skavenslaves, but if a Globadier throws its gas and the only way out is through these Slaverats it can result in a quick wipe.
  • Once a Globadier is heavily damaged, it will perform an animation and charge up a suicide mechanism. After this it will run towards the nearest player to blow itself up, creating another poison cloud. Using ranged weapons is therefore always preferred to deal with Globadiers.
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