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Plague Monk
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The Plague Monk is a type of Skaven Elite in Vermintide 2.

Plague Monks wield short dual blades, which they use to attack with a barrage of blows. They wear green robes and are often seen grouped together in a praying stance before spotting the Heroes.

Background[edit | edit source]

Of all the Horned Rat’s children, Plague Monks are undeniably the foulest. Zealots dedicated to the spread of corruption and decay, they are recognisable through their ragged, soiled garments and a putrid stench that fogs the surrounding air.

Plague Monks hurl themselves into the fray without thought for their own lives. So scarred and swollen have their bodies become that pain is a distant memory, held at bay by diseases yet gnawing at their flesh, and callouses hardened into knotted lumps of flesh. Only death can still their fanatical ardour.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Plague Monks perform four fast attacks in quick session, followed by a brief moment where they are especially vulnerable to Attacks. When they leap towards you, parry their attacks and immediately follow up with an attack of your own.
  • Plague Monks have increased Stagger resistance during their flurry of attacks (similar to the Monster class), it is however possible to knock them back before they barrage you.
  • Using a Ranged Weapon is often enough to send these fanatics of clan Pestilens to their graves without risking melee combat.
  • If they come close they can be tricky to hit with a ranged weapon. It is safer to switch back to melee in order to Block the attacks and reduce the damage that you take!
  • Plague Monks barely make noise right up to the moment they attack, making them especially deadly. The easiest way to know when to expect them is to listen for one of the Heroes to call them out.
  • The Plague Monks are generally more difficult to deal with than Savages, primarily due to their numbers, as they are able to spawn with as many as four at a time.
  • Due to their raw damage output, dealing with Plague Monks should be prioritized over dealing with accompanying Stormvermin.
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