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I bet you’ve all noticed that our stout, comradely dwarf – while stout as ever – ain’t exactly been as comradely of late. Locked himself up in his room. All kinds of weird banging and the like coming from within. Also been a bit, well, short with everyone, hasn’t he? And Olesya says he’s even stopped eating her candles. Not exactly the Bardin Gorreksson we’ve come to know and love. Well, I’ve done a bit of asking around, and I think I know why. I don’t have to remind any of you that our recent trip to Castle Drachenfels, while a roaring success – and thanks for that – stirred the pot, shall we say? Old memories dredged up, and all that. Never mind how I know, I just know, all right? Let’s just say that Cousin Okri told me. …you can put that sneer away, Kerillian. Okri’s real enough…

Anyway, you’ve all been a bit off since you got back, and Bardin more than most. It’s all to do with family, as it happens. Turns out that Bardin’s uncle – one Drakki Dagsson – was something of an iconoclast back in Karak Norn. Obsessed with new-fangled inventions and mechanisms more than runes and good stonework, that sort of thing. Simple enough, you might think. Dwarfs are cunning buggers, we all know it. I marvel at their technology, truth be told. But dwarfs are also traditionalists, and some don’t take well to change.

Bardin’s old dad – Gorrek Dagsson – was as traditional as they come. Steam power? What’s wrong with a bit of good old dawi muscle? Cogwork? Use a block and tackle! Black powder? That’s just filthy muck, used by lazy beardlings in a hurry. In other words, the brothers Dagsson didn’t see eye to eye on much… Which was a pity, because Bardin worshipped his Uncle Drakki, and spent every hour he could learning everything the crazy old dwarf had to teach. Can’t imagine Gorrek was too pleased when he found out. Much less when Bardin declared he was seeking an apprenticeship in the Engineer’s Guild instead of following his old dad into the clan throngs.
- Vermintide 2 Official Website

Outcast Engineer
Portrait bardin outcastengineer.png
Build Pressure
Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk II)
Hit Points

Outcast Engineer is one of 4 Careers available to Bardin Goreksson.

It is purchased as a Premium Career, separate from Ranger Veteran, Ironbreaker, and Slayer.


The Outcast Engineer might not be an Engineers Guild graduate, but no less lethal - armed as he is with an array of experimental weaponry. His unmatched use of heavy machinery together with his assorted gadgets makes him a master of utility, blasting down anything, or anyone, in his path.

- Official Store Page

Skills and Traits[]

Ability Description
Steam-Assisted Crank Gun

Career Skill

  • Unleash the fearsome firepower of Bardin's custom creation. Shots reduce the Ability Bar. Any accumulated Pressure is lost upon firing.
Build Pressure
Passive Ability
  • Holding reload with the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk III) equipped builds Pressure. Each stack of Pressure lasts for 12 seconds and gradually restores the Ability Bar. Stacks up to 5 times.

Passive Ability

  • Increases max Ammo by 50%.

Passive Ability

  • Increases Ranged Power of nearby allies by 10%.
Utility Belt

Passive Ability

  • Bardin can carry up to 3 Bombs (of any type) at one time. Pressing the Bomb keybind cycles between them.


Melee Weapons
Bardin hammer.png
Great Hammer
Bardin greataxe.png
Great Axe
Bardin axe.png
Bardin weapon Hammer.png
Pickaxe icon.png
War Pick
Shield axe.png
Axe and Shield
Hammer shield icon.png
Hammer and Shield
Bardin dual hammers.png
Dual Hammers
Cog Hammer
Ranged Weapons
Bardin weapon ranged crossbow.png
Bardin handgun icon.png
Drakefire pistols.png
Drakefire Pistols
Grudge raker.png
Masterwork Pistol
Trollhammer Torpedo


You may select one talent from each tier and change them freely in Taal's Horn Keep.

Level 5

Engineer's Resolve


Morgrim's Enthusiasm


Pouch of the Good Stuff

Staggering Enemies with a melee attack grants Temporary Health. Health gained based on stagger strength. Damaging multiple enemies in one swing with a Melee Weapon grants temporary health. Max 5 enemies. Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20.0% of their maximum health. Clears any Wounds.
Level 10

Leading Shots


Armour Piercing Slugs


Scavenged Shot

Every 4 Ranged Attack is a guaranteed Critical Hit. Ranged Attacks pierce 1 additional enemy. Melee Power is increased by 10%. Every 5 Melee kill makes Bardin's next Ranged Attack consume no Ammo.
Level 15





Enhanced Power

Enemies that you stagger take 10% more damage from melee attacks for 5 seconds.

Deal 20% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 40% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.

Deal 40% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 60% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect. Increases total Power Level by 7.5%. This is calculated before other buffs are applied.
Level 20

Full Head of Steam


Experimental Steam Capacitors


Superior Gaskets

Upon reaching 5 stacks of Pressure, Bardin gains 15.0% Power for 10 seconds. Pressure stacks are no longer removed upon reaching full charge or firing the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk II). Pressure is not lost over time. Each stack of Pressure grants 2.5% Attack Speed. Max stacks reduced by 1.
Level 25

Ablative Armour




Piston Power

Every 5 seconds Bardin gains a stack of Damage Reduction. Stacks up to 5 times. Each stack reduces damage taken by 5%. Taking damage removes a stack. Bardin's Bombs gain the effect of both regular Bombs and Incendiary Bombs. Every 15 seconds Bardin gains a buff that grants immense Stagger to his next charged attack.
Level 30

Gromril-Plated Shot


Linked Compression Chamber


Innovative Ammo Hoppers

Reduces the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk II)'s rate of fire, but increases Damage and Armour Penetration. The Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk II) starts firing at full speed, rather than taking time to ramp up. Increases Bardin's Ability Bar by 50%. Killing a Special makes the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk II) not consume the Ability Bar for the next 4 seconds.

Promotional Art[]

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