Old Haunts

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Old Haunts
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Extra Mission
The Curse of Drachenfels
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The fellows I work for - well that's what they think - are getting a bit concerned about Castle Drachenfels. Again. Seems the Pactsworn are making free with the place, and there are reports of folk missing in the nearby villages. Sort it out, would you? Trouble at Drachenfels is trouble we don't need.
~ Franz Lohner

Turns out that the Pactsworn have been kidnapping folk from villages in the Grey Mountains. Right in the shadow of... That's right. Castle Drachenfels. A pumpkin for everyone who guessed right. The powers-that-be have noted our past interest in the place, and wondered if you'd take a look. and set things straight.
~ Franz Lohner

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Back to Drachenfels we go.

Temple Event[edit | edit source]

Upon picking up the Map in the Temple Nave you will be attacked by a Horde. Plague Monks break open the front door after which a wall to the right will break away with a guaranteed Ratling Gunner inside allowing you to leave the village.

Finale[edit | edit source]

After dropping down to the final room a Lever will need to be flipped which opens up the Gate to the first of four Gargoyle Heads. These need to be placed back on the necks of the Gargoyles that surround a grate in the middle of the room. Once placed, blood starts flowing into the grate. Another door will open containing (a) Chaos Warrior(s) and the second head along with triggering a horde. Once that is placed the final doors open with stairs leading to a room below containing the last two heads. When all four are in place the grate will open allowing the Heroes to escape.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Blutberg Approach:
  • Krünerplatz:
  • Madeleine's Blumenchirurgie:
  • The Twice-Built Mill:
  • Klara's Washery:
  • Drunkard's Bridge:
  • Potter's Nook:
  • Aldebard's Tavern:
  • The Jolly Swineherd:
  • Azderheim Manor:
  • Kellerman's Halt:
  • Temple of the Twin-Tailed Comet:
  • Temple Nave:
  • Sinner's Trail:
  • Crazy Engel's Cabin:
  • Path of Woe:
  • Crooked Cliffside:
  • Portal of Decay:
  • Snagglefang Camp:
  • Gate of Epidemius:
  • Drachenfels Approach:
  • Fool's Gate:

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Enter the Village
  2. Reach the Temple
  3. Enter the Temple
  4. Find the Map
  5. Escape the Temple
  6. Leave the Village
  7. Follow the Trail
  8. Find the Secret Entrance
  9. Explore the Crypt
  10. X/4 Restore the Gargoyle Heads
  11. Escape the Crypt
  12. Return to Taal's Horn Keep

Notes[edit | edit source]

The area from Path of Woe up to the Gate of Epidemius is a slightly altered version of the final mission in Vermintide 1's Drachenfels DLC.

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