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Monsters are a type of Enemy in Vermintide 2, that have a chance to spawn at certain locations on each map. Monsters have an enormous health pool, hit hard and can even fling players across the map. Monsters are included in Talents that activates when a Boss dies.

The Monster type includes:

Grudge Marks[]

With the introduction of 4.4.2, Grudge Marked monsters can now appear in The Chaos Wastes.

Power Bonus[]

The Power vs Monsters Property gives Heroes extra damage against all Monsters.


  • Monsters can throw Heroes around with some of their attacks. Avoid fighting them near dead drops to avoid being thrown to your death.
  • Though Monsters pose a big threat, it is often wiser to kill all other enemies in the area first instead of focusing the Monster. This can be done by letting one Hero kite the Monster while the other Heroes clear the area.
  • Monsters have an enormous stagger resistance, only bombs and some Hero abilities can stagger a Monster. These stuns can be used to break an attack chain or free Heroes that have been grabbed by a Spawn of Chaos.
  • Overhead slams of Monsters cannot be blocked, only dodged.
  • For more details on how to deal with Monsters, check out their individual pages.


  • Each mission has a chance of spawning 0-2 Monsters over the course of the run. If you face a Monster early in the mission, there is a chance you will face another one towards the end.
  • When a Monster spawns, an "arena" is created with warpflame walls in front and behind the Heroes. This makes defeating the Monster a necessity for completing the mission. Should a Hero die while fighting the Monster, the party will be able to rescue him inside the arena to rejoin the fight.
  • Certain events have 100% chance to spawn a monster, like the Rat Ogre spawn after dropping the bell in The Screaming Bell and a random Monster in the barn in Against the Grain.
  • Scripted Monsters do not spawn flame walls and do not count toward the "Kill 3 Monsters as a party" Daily Quest.
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